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Meng Jinxin kicked Yao Yue, and she rolled down the steps of the pavilion.

“And, cut!” Huang Guoqiang shouted. “That was perfect, Xinrou. The fall was on the spot, too, err… Yao Yue. Onto the next scene.”

Of course, it was Xu Xiyan who got praised for the fall.

The director couldn’t even remember her name.

Xu Xiyan climbed back up as Qi Liya rushed over to help her. “Jing Xi, are you all right?”

“I’m fine, Miss. Qi. I used to work as a stunt double, I’m used to this.” Xu Xiyan brushed the dust off her shirt and smiled.

“Just call me Liya next time.” Qi Liya began to like Xu Xiyan more and more. She admired Xu Xiyan’s enthusiasm and optimism.

“Can I really call you by your first name?” Xu Xiyan was surprised as she knew she was still miles away from reaching Qi Liya’s level.

Xu Xiyan was a hardcore fan of Qi Liya, and she was already grateful to be able to get on the same stage with her.

“Of course, it sounds better than Miss. Qi,” Qi Liya said with a smile.

“Thank you!”

Both of them went back to the makeup studio.

Xu Xiyan felt that Qi Liya was a kind and gentle person, a typical person who was cold on the outside, yet warm inside. She didn’t boss people around with the fame she had.

Just as the crew was setting up the next scene and the actors and actresses were getting their makeup fixed, Chu Yuhe arrived at the studio.

As soon as Huang Guoqiang had heard another boss had arrived, he quickly went over and greeted him. All the other staff members were trying to get a peek at Chu Yuhe.

Zhao Ruiqi went to Xu Xinrou’s side and said, “Xinrou, Mr. Chu is here to see you. You two are the perfect couple! He treated us to some food yesterday, and now he came to see you at work today!”

Xu Xinrou was flattered by Zhao Ruiqi’s words. She smiled and looked at the man in the crowd.

Chu Yuhe greeted Xu Xinrou with his eyes as he talked to the crew. He asked them to show him all the scenes they’d shot over the past few days.

After Chu Yuhe finished checking the last shot, he pointed at the screen and said, “No good, scene 47 needs a retake!”

“…” Huang Guoqiang was speechless.

Am I the only one feeling that being a director is becoming harder and harder?

Mr. Huo came the last time, and now it’s Mr. Chu; are they both trying to torture me or what?

Yet Huang Guoqiang couldn’t go against Chu Yuhe’s wishes, and ordered the crew to retrieve all the tools and props for the 47th scene.

Xu Xinrou was glad to hear that Chu Yuhe wanted to do a retake. It was just what she wanted.

At least Chu Yuhe is acting like a man today! I can finally get my revenge.

And I was just thinking about how to get back at Xu Xiyan…what timing!

Xu Xinrou was laughing in her heart and couldn’t wait for the shooting to begin. She asked Wenli to go and help her prepare something for her revenge.

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