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Again and again, Xu Xiyan got kicked by Xu Xinrou. Huang Guoqiang was already at his limit and said, “Mr. Chu, I think this should be enough. We can just choose one of the best takes, it’s best that we avoid any injuries.”

Yet Chu Yuhe had intended to punish Xu Xiyan, and he would never let the opportunity go. He said, “Director, is this how you do things? Shouldn’t a director have their actors to do their best? If she’s an actor, then she’d better act like one or I’m firing her.”

So you want to use this chance to remove me from the team?

You sure are vicious!

Xu Xiyan had gone through many things to get to where she was at, and she was not going to give it all up. She stood up and stared at Chu Yuhe angrily.

It was hard for her to breathe at that point, but she kept telling herself that it would be over soon.

She controlled her breathing and said, “Director, it’s okay, we can continue.”

Huang Guoqiang was touched by Xu Xiyan’s determination. He could only hold in his anger and ordered the crew to continue with the shooting.

Scene 47, take 8. Yao Yue hugged Meng Zhaoyi’s leg as she begged. Meng Zhaoyi landed a kick on Yao Yue’s chest as she fell down the stairs.

Yet, this time, Xu Xiyan did not get up and just lay on the ground, motionless.

Everyone was shocked when they saw Xu Xiyan lying there. Even the director and executive director had no idea how to react.

Just as the director was about to call someone to go and check on Xu Xiyan, someone ran through the crowd and onto the stage.

A man stopped in front of Xu Xiyan and picked her up.

“Jing Xi! Wake up!” Ma Haodong shouted. He’d just finish his shoot for “The Root of Evil” and had come to visit Xu Xiyan.

He never thought he would witness Xu Xiyan being bullied by the investor and directors.

Are they trying to kill her? Ma Haodong shouted in his head.

Xu Xiyan remained unconscious, no matter how hard Ma Haodong tried to wake her.

He turned his head towards the director and shouted, “Huang Guoqiang! Is this how you treat your actresses? This is attempted murder! If anything happens to Jing Xi, you guys are definitely going to jail!”

Ma Haodong lifted Xu Xiyan up and left. Lots of chatters could be heard among the crowd.

“Nothing will happen, right, Xinrou?” Wenli asked.

“Don’t worry,” Xu Xinrou said. “It’s just an accident, anyways.”

“That was Ma Haodong,” said Wenli. “What kind of relationship do those two have?”

“What else do you think? Did you got the photo?” Xu Xinrou asked.

“Yes, from the perfect angle, too.” Wenli showed Xu Xinrou the photo of Ma Haodong picking up Xu Xiyan.

“Well done,” said Xu Xinrou. “You know what to do.”

Wenli nodded. Xu Xinrou couldn’t hold her excitement. Ma Haodong had just escalated her plan.

Trying to save beauty, are you?

Let’s see what you fans think of this when they see their little Ma carrying a small fry.

Huang Guoqiang finally couldn’t hold hi

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