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“Look, Uncle Dimples! Baby also has dimples like you! Great-grandpa said that people who have dimples are good at drinking without getting drunk. Can you drink?”

“A little.”

Huo Yunshen gazed at the pair of small dimples peeking out on the little girl’s face and felt a closeness between them that he couldn’t explain.

However, Huo Yunshen had not thought about the possibility of a blood relationship. After all, people with dimples were common everywhere.

Just like he had imagined, the little girl was very vocal in person, just like in her livestream. She was very adorable.

Xu Xiyan was carrying several bags of groceries as she arrived from the parking lot. After turning a corner, she spotted Ying Bao at the door. She called out to her, “Ying Bao, is the door open yet?”

“Xi Baby!”

Ying Bao ran over to Xu Xiyan, giggling and tugging at her clothes. “Xi Baby! Come! Come quickly! Baby would like to introduce you to a handsome guy.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

She wanted to introduce her to a handsome guy?

Was she serious?

The girl dragged Xu Xiyan to the door of apartment No. 101. There, she saw Huo Yunshen.

Ying Bao ran to Huo Yunshen’s side excitedly and tugged at his arm. “Xi Baby, look! He’s the handsome man at the airport who smiled at Baby last time.”


Xu Xiyan had no idea that Ying Bao had already met Huo Yunshen that early!

Huo Yunshen saw the bags in Xu Xiyan’s hands and promptly moved forward to take them from her.

Now that Xu Xiyan’s hands were free, she pulled Ying Bao over and said to her, “Ying Bao, do you know? He’s the thoughtful and handsome uncle who decorated the car with Minnie Mouse for you!”

“Wow! So Uncle Dimples was the handsome man who Xi Baby wanted to introduce Baby to! Baby is so happy.”

Ying Bao was very pleasantly surprised and started to like Huo Yunshen even more.

The handsome man that she liked not only had good looking dimples but had also prepared a nice gift for her.

Wow, he was really thoughtful!

Xu Xiyan tried the door but couldn’t open it. She turned to ask Ying Bao, “Ying Bao, you haven’t unlocked the door yet?”

“Baby couldn’t reach the keyhole.”

Ying Bao handed the key back to Xu Xiyan and she unlocked the door without trouble.

When Xu Xiyan turned to push Huo Yunshen into the house, Ying Bao had already ran to the back of Huo Yunshen’s wheelchair.

She grabbed the handles of the wheelchair and said into Huo Yunshen’s ear, “Uncle Dimples, let Baby push you into the house.”

“Let me do it!” Xu Xiyan stepped in to help.

“No! Baby will do it herself!”

The child was so small that the wheelchair towered over her. But she was determined to try, and pushed with all her strength.

Seeing that the little girl could not move the wheelchair, Huo Yunshen pressed a button on the controls and his wheelchair moved smoothly into the house.

Ying Bao thought that she had managed to push Huo Yunshen into the house and clapp

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