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He was such a super celebrity and his fans were plentiful.

[It must be fake! My dear little Ma has no girlfriend! Stop spreading rumors!]

[Little Ma is not that kind of person. If he really falls in love, he will definitely tell us in advance!]

[Nooo little Ma! You can’t leave us!]

[Is this all intentionally done to hype up the new drama “The Root of Evil”?]

[Who is that woman? Why did she want to hook up with our little Ma?]

In the afternoon, there were already new developments on the online news sites. Xu Xiyan was surprised that the netizens had already found out who she was. They had shared her information and recent photos, and even found her Weibo account.

For a time, Xu Xiyan’s Weibo account, named “Jing Gongzi”, had skyrocketed in popularity, but in a bad way.

[Breaking news! It is her, Jing Xi, a nameless little actor!]

[A bitch is what she is!]

[You nameless actor, clear little Ma’s name now!]

[She’s not even a good match for Ma Haodong!]

[Shit! Don’t ruin my little Ma!]

[What an unworthy face! I don’t hate you, but I still think you’re disgusting!]

[I know she wants to take advantage of Ma Haodong’s status! I hate this kind of scheming woman! Go back to your hole, nobody!]

[Get lost, Jing Xi!]

Xu Xiyan clicked her tongue as she read the hate comments. She never expected that her page would be on fire, and burning with hate.

Because of Ma Haodong, her unpopular Weibo page began to attract more followers.

The hate comments continued to flow in, but Xu Xiyan was unaffected by it and went on with her own business.

After all, the truth would speak for itself!

Even if she tried to explain on Weibo, she could not give a reasonable explanation. She would rather let it be as scandalous news that would be overwritten by other news in a few days, anyway. Who cared about a nameless actress like her?

In the evening, Xu Xiyan prepared dinner, but Huo Yunshen had not returned yet.

A few dishes were served on the table. She covered each one so that they would not go cold.

The clock on the wall read 6:50. Xu Xiyan took out her phone to send a text message to Huo Yunshen, but she had forgotten to charge her phone. It was out of power and had automatically shut down.

At this moment, Xu Xiyan heard some movement outside the door.

It must be Huo Yunshen. She was like a wife waiting for her husband to return home, and happily ran over to open the door for him.

The door opened and a girl appeared inside. Huo Yunshen’s eyes widened with surprise. “Jing Xi?”

The girl was dressed comfortably in homewear with her hair tied up into a neat ponytail. She smiled warmly at him. “Welcome home, Mr. Huo.”

Xu Xiyan went forward cheerfully and found his slippers for him. She helped him change into them, then pushed him into the room.

He hadn’t expected that she would be in his house. To see his beloved woman appearing at the door first thing af

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