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Xu Xiyan took out a white cotton cloth, covered his body, and began the massage.

She was very good at it; both her skill and strength were on point.

She started from the top and moved towards the bottom to help his blood flow.

One hour had passed, and Xu Xiyan broke the silence. “All right, that’s it for today. Good night, Mr. Huo.”

Xu Xiyan packed her stuff, helped Huo Yunshen cover himself with his blanket and left.

Huo Yunshen lay on the bed as he kept thinking about how her hand had touched his skin.

Her fingers must’ve been enchanted, as Huo Yunshen’s heart had begun to beat faster each time she touched him.

Xu Xiyan took off her mask once she’d left Room 101 and let out a deep sigh. Her face was already burning.

Why do I feel like pouncing on him every time?

Am I becoming indecent?

Xu Xiyan shook her head to get her mind off it.

Huo Yunshen is like a god in heaven. I shouldn’t tarnish my prince charming like that…

It was the second day, and Xu Xiyan was about to head to the Jing mansion to fetch Ying Bao.

Before she left, she went to Room 101 to inform Huo Yunshen of her schedule.

“Mr. Huo, I’ll have to go to my grandfather’s place first. I’ll bring Cherry Baby over for dinner at my place, is that all right with you?”

“Of course, I can’t wait to meet the cute Cherry Baby!” Huo Yunshen said with excitement.

Huo Yunshen escorted Xu Xiyan out, and suddenly she noticed a white Porshe was parked in Huo Yunshen’s spot.

“Who the hell left their car here? Are they blind?” Xu Xiyan asked.

Huo Yunshen wheeled himself over and said, “This is my car, actually.”


Can I take back what I said?

Huo Yunshen didn’t mind Xu Xiyan’s insult and continued, “You can use this car from now on. Oh, you can pick up Cherry Baby with this car, too.”

“This is too much for me to accept, Mr. Huo…” Xu Xiyan stared at the keys and declined.

The car had been explicitly bought for Xu Xiyan. Huo Yunshen had guessed she might decline and said, “It’s fine. I used to drive this car before the accident. Since I can’t drive anymore and it’s collecting dust in the garage, you can borrow it. It should save you some time when you want to head out.”

Oh, so he’s lending me his car.

That’s good, I thought he bought it for me…then that would be too much.

Xu Xiyan noticed a child seat was installed and the car was decorated with pink Minnies, which were Ying Bao’s favorite.

“This is beautiful, and you had the child seat installed too?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“I hope Cherry Baby will like it,” Huo Yunshen said.

“She definitely will. Thank you, Mr. Huo, this is perfect.”

“Here, the keys.” Huo Yunshen handed them to her.

Xu Xiyan was thankful to Huo Yunshen for solving her daily transportation problems.

She climbed into the car and headed towards the Jing mansion.

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