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“I don’t think so! I think Mr. Huo is a good person.”

Fang Xiaocheng was going nuts. “Don’t tell me, you’ve already fallen for him.”

Xu Xiyan smiled sweetly as she thought of Huo Yunshen. “Well, what can I do? If you knew him well enough, you would like him too. He’s really talented.”

After getting along with Huo Yunshen for some time, she came to know his character well enough and was attracted to his temperament and talents.

But Fang Xiaocheng could only imagine everything wrong about their future if Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen were to be together.

“Yanyan! You can’t depend on talent to survive! Don’t be foolish! I know that you’re kind and compassionate, but…I won’t object to whoever you’re marrying, but if you want to be with Huo Yunshen, I strongly advise you to think carefully.”

Seeing that Fang Xiaocheng had become overly anxious, Xu Xiyan laughed and placated her. “Okay, okay, I was just teasing you! Mr. Huo is not interested in me. We’re only in an employment relationship. Nothing more.”

“Oh! All right, that’s good then.” Fang Xiaocheng seemed completely relieved.

Fang Xiaocheng stayed for a while before something came up and she had to leave. After Xu Xiyan had escorted Fang Xiaocheng out, she went over to apartment No. 101.

She knew that Huo Yunshen had come to her just now because of the scandal rumor about her and Ma Haodong.

Xu Xiyan had seen the news report herself. The article was biased and there were photos of her being carried by Ma Haodong after she had fainted on the set.

There was no report on the cause and effect of the situation. It was one-sidedly interpreted out of context, and the photos that came with it showed her being carried like a princess in distress, accompanied by a bullshit headline that read:

[Ma Haodong Carries Greenhorn Actress In His Arms, Both Suspected To Be In Relationship]

As she opened the door and entered the house, Xu Xiyan saw Huo Yunshen waiting in the living room. He heard her come in and turned his wheelchair toward her.

“Jing Xi, your friend has already left?”

“Yeah!” Xu Xiyan smiled as she walked toward him. “You’ve been waiting for me?”

Huo Yunshen nodded, then said, “I’m sorry, did I create trouble for you again?”


Xu Xiyan pushed him into the room and sat down facing him on the sofa. She took the initiative to explain first.

“You saw the scandalous news? Actually, Ma Haodong and I are not what you’ve imagined. We’re only friends. Because I fell on the set and he happened to be passing by, he carried me away. And someone photographed me and shared the pictures on the internet with bad intentions.”

Xu Xiyan did not want to complicate matters, so she did not explain the real reason for her fall in detail.

After Huo Yunshen had listened to her explanation, he smiled. “Jing Xi, I didn’t come over just now to question you about this. It’s just that you didn’t come back all night, and I got worried. You don’t h

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