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Huo Yunshen took out a chocolate lollipop from his pocket and said, “Well, since you can’t find your candy, how about I treat you to this one?”

Ying Bao raised her head, and her eyes lit up when she saw it was a bunny-shaped chocolate candy.

She wanted to have it so badly, but she suddenly remembered that her mother had told her to not accept any gifts from strangers.

The cute little girl looked at Xu Xiyan for her approval. Xu Xiyan walked out of the kitchen and said, “Since it’s from this uncle, you can take it if you want.”

“Yay! I love chocolate the most!” Ying Bao took the chocolate from Huo Yunshen and asked him to help her remove the packaging. But she didn’t eat it right away. She took the candy into the kitchen to let her mother have a bite first.

This was Ying Bao’s habit; whenever she had something to eat, she would always think of her mother first.

Xu Xiyan took a bite and gasped, “Wow! It’s so good.”

Ying Bao took her first bite after she saw her mother had eaten it.

The chocolate melted in her mouth instantly and the sweet taste filled her mouth.

“It’s delicious! This is the tastiest chocolate I’ve ever tasted in my life! Thank you, Uncle Dimples.”

Huo Yunshen was glad that she liked it and rubbed the top of her head.

The three of them moved themselves to the living room. Xu Xiyan had made tea for Huo Yunshen. Ying Bao lay on Huo Yunshen’s lap and asked, “Uncle Dimple, what happened to your legs? Why can’t you walk?”

“I was hit by a car,” Huo Yunshen explained.

Ying Bao frowned as she looked at Huo Yunshen. “That’s so sad, do your legs still hurt?”

“No, they don’t,” Huo Yunshen said, shaking his head and smiling.

Ying Bao remembered that her mother used to work at a welfare center for the disabled when they were still in Estan. She had seen many people who were in a wheelchair like Huo Yunshen.

“Uncle Dimple, I’ve seen many people like you before. Some of them are able to walk again!” Ying Bao encouraged. “My best friend, Mathew, was also in an accident, and he’s able to walk again now!”

Huo Yunshen had never thought that Ying Bao would know how to give people hope at such a young age. He was touched deeply and said, “Thank you, little one. I’ll do my best to stand up again.”

“Then, when that happens, can we fly kites together? It’s lonely to play alone…”

A promise?

Huo Yunshen nodded and said, “Okay. I’ll fly a kite with you when I’m able to walk again.”

Xu Xiyan and Huo Yunshen continued to play with Ying Bao in the living room.

Fang Xiaocheng called Xu Xiyan around four and told her they were already waiting at the security booth. Xu Xiyan went out and brought them in.

The three of them entered Room 102 together. Even though Fang Xiaocheng wasn’t as surprised as when she had first seen Huo Yunshen, her expression still seemed to ask Xu Xiyan, Why is he here?

Xu Xiyan signaled to Fang Xiaocheng that she shouldn’t probe, and introduced

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