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The two entered the house. Fang Xiaocheng helped Xu Xiyan to the sofa so she could rest there, then went to pour a glass of water for her.

Just as Fang Xiaocheng returned to the living room with the glass of water, someone was unlocking the door of the apartment. When the door swung open, Huo Yunshen entered in his wheelchair and met Fang Xiaocheng face to face.

Huo Yunshen froze. He had waited the whole night but Xu Xiyan did not come back. When he heard the door of apartment 102 opening, he thought Xu Xiyan had returned.

He had been so anxious and in such a hurry that he didn’t bother knocking and had directly unlocked it with the key. He had certainly not expected that someone else would be in the house.

It was already too late for him to retreat.

Fang Xiaocheng realized that someone had come in. She took a good look at the stranger and realized it was Huo Yunshen. She was so shocked that the glass fell from her trembling hands, spilling water onto the floor.

Xu Xiyan, who was on the sofa, heard the commotion. She turned to look at Fang Xiaocheng. “What’s wrong, Orange?”

Fang Xiaocheng flicked her eyes and gestured to the door. Xu Xiyan turned and looked, then jumped from the sofa. Oh my god!

Xu Xiyan looked more startled than Fang Xiaocheng and Huo Yunshen. She had kept the matter between her and Huo Yunshen as a secret from Fang Xiaocheng.

Huo Yunshen’s sudden appearance had caught her by surprise.

“Errrr…M-M-Mr. Huo! Why are you here?” Xu Xiyan felt her skin crawl as she rushed over to greet him awkwardly.

Huo Yunshen had seen the news about Xu Xiyan and Ma Haodong. He had come over to ask her about it, but it seemed to be a bad time.

“I’m sorry, it seems that I’ve intruded. Please excuse me.”

Huo Yunshen turned his wheelchair to leave, but Xu Xiyan held onto the wheel of his wheelchair, chuckling nervously.

“Mr. Huo, you came at the right time. My BFF is here. Why don’t I introduce you guys?”

Fang Xiaocheng and Huo Yunshen had already run into each other. If she tried to cover it now, it would cause an even bigger misunderstanding. Wasn’t it better to openly introduce them to each other now?

Xu Xiyan braced herself and introduced Fang Xiaocheng and Huo Yunshen to each other.

Huo Yunshen was a well-mannered gentleman. He held out his hand to Fang Xiaocheng and said, “Pleased to meet you, Miss Fang.”

Fang Xiaocheng had been in a state of delusion. It was already shocking that a handsome, princely man had appeared in Xu Xiyan’s house. And now he wanted to be friends with her.

Oh my god, the sun has risen from the west!

It would be a divine honor to shake hands with the movie king, Elvis!

Fang Xiaocheng almost flew off the ground with excitement. She wiped her hand on her clothes before reaching out to shake his hand.

“Hello, Mr. Huo, I am so glad to meet you! I’m a big fan, and I’ve seen all of your movies!”

“Oh, thank you! A friend of Jing Xi is my

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