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Xu Xiyan and Qi Liya were sitting in the makeup room. waiting for some touch-ups.

Suddenly Xiao Ge ran into the room. “Miss Qi! Jing Xi! The director wants you both ready for the 47th scene! Quickly!”

Qi Liya sensed that something was wrong. “Xiao Ge, didn’t we just finish shooting the 47th scene?”

Xiao Ge looked at her helplessly and sighed. “President Chu is here. He wants that scene to be reshot.”

Xu Xiyan: “…”

Chu Yuhe is here?

He wants a reshoot?

Of all the scenes, why did he pick the 47th scene?

Xu Xiyan finally understood. This bastard was here to take advantage of the shoot for his personal revenge.

Qi Liya remembered that there was a stunt that required Xu Xiyan to roll down the steps in the 47th scene. She immediately told her assistant to find a pair of knee pads from the boxes and give it to Xu Xiyan. “Jing Xi, you should put these on, just in case.”

Xu Xiyan knew that Chu Yuhe and Xu Xinrou were birds of a feather, and they would definitely try to come up with ways to have their revenge. She thanked her for the knee pads and put them on.

Xu Xiyan and Qi Liya returned to the set. Everyone was already standing by. Huang Guoqiang stood up and explained to them, “Liya, and you—Jing Xi, right? There was a little problem with the scene we shot just now and we have to do it again. Everyone to your positions!”

Chu Yuhe was sitting next to Director Huang, a smug look on his face. He looked at Xu Xiyan with amusement, his eyes seemed to be saying, B*tch. Just wait and see. Prepare to suffer.

Hmph… Xu Xiyan sneered inwardly. Fine, Chu Yuhe. I accept that today’s my unlucky day for crossing paths with you.

Go ahead and bully me today. I shall have my full revenge one day.

The filming for the 47th scene began and all the actors gave flawless performances. Xu Xiyan clung to Xu Xinrou’s leg for mercy, but Xu Xinrou showed no concern for their master-servant relationship, and shoved Xu Xiyan down the stairs with her foot.

The staircase were not short, as there were nine steps. Anyone who fell from the top would experience pain for a good while.

Xu Xiyan fell from the top of the stairs for the second time. The performance in this shot was better than the previous one.

“Pass!” Huang Guoqiang yelled, but Chu Yuhe was not satisfied.

“No good! The way the little palace girl fell down the stairs was too ugly! Again!”

Surely enough, he was scum. How would a scum like him know how to respect a woman?

Xiao Ge wanted to step in and help Xu Xiyan onto her feet, but Xu Xiyan had already picked herself up from the ground and was walking back to the pavilion.

Huang Guoqiang smacked his lips in frustration, then shouted again, “Scene 47, Take 3, and action!”

Xu Xiyan fell down the stairs for a third time, then a fourth time, then a fifth time…

The people watching had a feeling of déjà vu. Didn’t Huo Yunshen also request retakes in the same manner to avenge Xu Xiyan a

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