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“It’s okay, Mr. Huo,” Xu Xiyan said. “Please don’t use your power for me. I already know how cruel the entertainment business can be. It’s just a scandal, every celebrity will go through one of them eventually. Plus, it doesn’t really affect me that much. Me and Ma Haodong are just friends. I wouldn’t enter this line if I didn’t know of its risks.”

“All right,” Huo Yunshen nodded. He knew that scandals like this would just help Xu Xiyan gain fame and would not cause her too much trouble.

He wasn’t in a rush to help her settle the scandal. Instead, he wanted to see how things would turn out first.

Xu Xiyan had never wanted to gain fame by using Ma Haodong, and a sudden uneasiness flooded her heart.

“Mr. Huo, can I ask a favor from you?” she asked.

“What is it?”

“I dragged Ma Haodong down, and he helped me a lot over the past few days. If he were to find himself in any trouble, I hope that you could help him, for me.”

Xu Xiyan was worried that fans might misunderstand Ma Haodong and cause him troubles.

I was right, this girl in front of me is a kind-hearted person, Huo Yunshen praised in his heart.

She did not make use of the situation to gain fame and instead was worried about her friend.

“All right, I can do that. I promise, as long as I’m alive, Ma Haodong will never find himself in any trouble,” Huo Yunshen said. He would do anything for her as long as she wanted it.

Xu Xiyan was relieved and glad to hear the answer. She suddenly remembered about introducing Ying Bao to Huo Yunshen and said, “Oh right, are you free tomorrow?”

“Yup.” In truth, Huo Yunshen had a full schedule the next day, but for her, he would always be free.

“Do you remember, we were talking about Cherry Baby? Since we have time tomorrow, why don’t I bring her over?”

“Of course! I’ll leave it to you,” Huo Yunshen replied immediately. His heart melted just by thinking about the cute little girl’s face.

“Okay,” Xu Xiyan said. “It’s late, why don’t we head back?”

They went back to their own respective apartments.

Huo Yunshen finished his shower and came out wearing a robe. He went into his bedroom and was stunned by what he saw.

Xu Xiyan was standing inside his bedroom.


Xu Xiyan turned around and said, “Good evening, Mr. Huo.”

“…” Huo Yunshen stared at her curiously. Xu Xiyan was wearing a white robe and hat, her face was covered with a surgical mask and in her hand held a bag.

“Jing Xi, what…” Huo Yunshen arranged his robe nervously. He had put on his robe in a hurry and hadn’t bothered to tie it up. His hair was still wet as water dripped down onto his body. He felt that he must’ve looked terrible.

What should I do?

I’m in such a mess.

Yet, Xu Xiyan saw something different.

What she saw was an awfully attractive man that had just come out from the shower, his body half-covered by his robe and his messy hair making him even sexier.

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