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“I’ve told you very clearly before. We’re impossible. Why do you still not understand? I’ll rather be single in this life than marry you. So let me tell you now, even if Huo Yunshen is disabled for life, I’m still staying with him!”

Ye Xun did not answer. He was fighting hard to keep his anger down.

How could he not understand?

He knew that Xu Xiyan didn’t like him—she didn’t love him. She did not have any special feelings towards him and she was only treating him as her senior, like her own elder brother.

But, he loved her!

It was because he loved her with all his heart. He didn’t want to see her take the wrong path to her doom.

Whenever he imagined her marrying the wheelchair-bound Huo Yunshen, Ye Xun’s heart would ache at the numerous injustices she had to suffer.

Even if she wanted to get married, she should at least find a normal man, then he would have peace of mind.

The air between them became tense. After a few moments of silence, Xu Xiyan wiped her tears and said to him calmly, “Second senior, you should go back to Estan. I don’t need your protection. From now on, you should refrain from doing anything that will disappoint me.”

Without looking at him, Xu Xiyan turned and left.

Ye Xun watched her disappear back into her apartment. Unable to vent the grief and anger he had accumulated, he could only slam a fist into the door.

Bang! The metal door let out a loud noise. Ye Xun’s hand was wounded, and streaks of blood ran down the door.

When Xu Xiyan had turned her back on him, he had felt a sudden wave of fear in his heart.

Was Xu Xiyan not going to talk to him anymore?

After this incident, Xu Xiyan indeed ignored Ye Xun for a long time.

However, the punch from Xu Xiyan had given him a wakeup call. He was afraid that he and Xu Xiyan would not be friends anymore.

In order to redeem his junior sister, he had no choice but to put on a thick skin and do things that were beneath him to please her.

As long as Ye Xun was no longer a hindrance to her and Huo Yunshen, and as long he did not do anything to hurt Huo Yunshen, it was not impossible for her to forgive him.

She felt her heart aching as she thought of Huo Yunshen. She really hoped that she could still see him again. She had a lot to say to him personally.

Xu Xiyan officially joined the “Root of Evil” cast, and the production crew held a press conference especially for her.

The male lead actor, Liang Yusen, and the second male lead actor, Ma Haodong, were also invited to the event along with several other actors.

During the press conference, Xu Xiyan did not interact much with Liang Yusen; she had more interactions with Ma Haodong instead.

All the while, the production crew had deliberately been tying Ma Haodong and Jing Xi together and hyping them up, resulting in many fans who supported their coupling.

One of the reporters teased her, “Jing Xi, I heard that you and Ma Haodong have a very goo

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