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He was almost immediately convinced that this woman was just like him, too.

If she could give him a hand and help him seize his right to inherit his family business, signing her into Yunhai Entertainment would just be a trivial matter.

“That’s easy. And the second…?”

Xu Xinrou pursed her lips into a smile and reached out to tug at Huo Jingtang’s tie. “The second condition—you will marry me and make me Mrs. Huo.”

Huo Jingtang’s eyes darkened considerably at the second condition. He knew she had big ambitions, but he didn’t expect that she would actually ask him to marry her.

There was danger in his voice. “You think you’re qualified?”

Xu Xinrou already had a countermeasure in mind and continued to persuade him, “Whether I’m qualified or not, you still have the final say, but, don’t be too quick to criticize me. You’re after the title of the Huo family heir, and I’m after the title of Mrs. Huo. We can help each other.”

“…” Huo Jingtang fell into deep thought, seeming to be thinking about the deal. He was contemplating whether it was worth it or not.

“I heard that you’re pursuing the daughter of the Xue family, but I can tell that woman is definitely not suitable for you. If you marry her, she may not be able to help you get what you want.”

Xu Xinrou knew what he was concerned about. She reiterated to eliminate his wariness. “You can rest assured that I will not interfere with your affairs after our marriage. You can do whatever you want. After all, you’re not one to care about romance. It doesn’t matter to you who you marry, but why not marry the one who can bring you the most benefit?”

Indeed so!

Huo Jingtang had already given up Xue Yating. After Xue Yating had belittled him and harmed his male self-esteem, he no longer wanted to rely on the Xue family.

Right now, Xu Jinshan and Xu Xinrou had approached him. Huo Jingtang analyzed their background and capabilities. Although the Xu family was not as wealthy and powerful as the Xue family, Xu Xinrou definitely had more brains than Xue Yating.

Xu Xinrou was right. He didn’t need love. He only needed a good wife who could help him with his ambitions.

Xu Xinrou had fame and influence and she was clever and shrewd. She shared his principles. Huo Jingtang gave it careful thought, then decided to accept the deal.

He turned over and pinned Xu Xinrou onto the sofa, his voice deep, “You’re right. A wise bird chooses the tree it will nest on, and a wise vassal selects his lord he will serve. You’re wise to choose me, and I like smart and beautiful women.”

Seizing the moment, Xu Xinrou wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

She knew that she had succeeded.

She could imagine her future. Married to the most powerful man in the entertainment industry and carrying the extremely glamorous title of Mrs. Huo. She could have anything she wanted, even if it was the wind and the rain.

Xu Xiyan would be easy to deal with in the future

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