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The ceramics and glassware that were on the table fell onto the ground and broke into many pieces.

It was as if Huo Yunshen was possessed as he grabbed a baseball bat and smashed every piece of furniture in his house.

Everything that he could see was destroyed by him.

He could only release all his anger and pain through crushing things.

As he took his final swing, he used too much strength and fell from his wheelchair.

Landing himself on the glasses that he had just broke, blood began to drip from his knee and palm.

He sat on the ground as he ignored the bleeding. He just sat there, spacing out and in a total mess.

It was as if Huo Jingtang’s words had crushed him completely.

There’s no meaning in living anymore… Huo Yunshen thought. So what if I have the world’s strongest mercenary group?

The noise from Room 101 finally stopped.

Xu Xiyan was standing on the other side of the crystal door. She’d heard everything that had happened in Room 101.

The only thing she’d never expected was for Huo Jingtang to pressure Huo Yunshen when Huo Zhen and Huo Xun were lying on their death beds.

She’d never thought that the person Huo Yunshen has been looking up to as a hero would become such a demon.

Xu Xiyan understood what Huo Yunshen was feeling at the moment. The feeling of being betrayed by the person you trusted…she’d already felt it five years ago.

The feeling was more painful than swallowing the deadliest poison in the world.

She had heard the frustration Huo Yunshen had shown after Huo Jingtang had left.

He had been pushed to his limit and was already broken inside out.

That was the reason Xu Xiyan could only think of for such a warm and gentle person to show such anger.

Xu Xiyan was worried about him and wanted to open the door, but she was also worried that her showing up would hurt his pride.

The noise of Huo Yunshen trashing his home finally stopped. Everything went back to being quiet as Xu Xiyan wondered what had happened to Huo Yunshen.

After a few seconds of hesitation, Xu Xiyan finally decided to check up on him.

She opened the door, and what greeted her was a house that was trashed.

She walked into Room 101 and looked for Huo Yunshen.

There he was, sitting on the ground beside his wheelchair.

He had one hand on the ground and his head was lowered. The white ceramics that were broken by him had been stained red by his blood.

His broad shoulders were slightly shaking.

Is he crying? Xu Xiyan asked in her heart. I can’t even bring myself to imagine what he’s going through right now… All his desperation and sadness…

It was as if her heart had also been stabbed. As she looked at the man she loved the most sitting on the ground in despair, she found it hard to breathe.

That was the love she had for him.

She walked towards him as she tried to avoid stepping on the glass.

Huo Yunshen heard her footsteps and suddenly raised his head.

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