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As the only son in the family, Huo Yunshen had to be strong.

It was very depressing to see a loved one hanging uncertainly near the edge of life and death in an operating room.

If it was possible, Xu Xiyan wished to stand by Huo Yunshen’s side and give him the comfort he needed.

Even so, she was not supposed to stay here too long. Xu Xiyan only stayed for a little while before leaving the emergency department.

She was only there to secretly catch a glimpse of him anyway, and she was glad to see him well.

At the moment she could only pray for his father silently. She prayed that he would be fine so Huo Yunshen would not be too distraught.

Outside the emergency room, Huo Yunshen suddenly turned around to look at the end of the corridor, but only saw a vague shape of someone’s back that quickly disappeared around the corner.

That back looked so familiar. It really seemed like Xu Xiyan.

But maybe he was mistaken. How could Xu Xiyan be here?

At this time, Huo Yunshen didn’t have the energy to think about other matters. He only hoped that his father would come out of the operating room quickly.

Not long after, Huo Jingtang came, having received the news as well. He was full of worry as he asked about his uncle’s situation, then went over to comfort his aunt kindly. After that, he accompanied Huo Yunshen and his sisters and waited for the doctor’s news about Huo Zhen.

After a few hours, the lights in the operating room went out. The doctor came out and the Huo family members immediately went up to him to ask about the situation.

The doctor shook his head and said that the patient had missed the golden hour for the best chance of treatment. Although the operation had been successful, the patient was still in a deep coma. The chance of waking up was small and the situation was not very optimistic.

After listening to the doctor’s words, Chen Yunlu became very distraught and immediately fainted.

Huo Sanyan and Huo Yijing caught their mother and stopped her from falling over. They were also crying uncontrollably at the news.

Huo Yunshen was sitting in his wheelchair with his head lowered, feeling great pain in his heart. The thought of his father not waking up again suffocated him with pain.

Huo Jingtang, who was next to him, also showed grief on his face, but he was gloating inside.

Huo Zhen’s sudden illness meant that the heavy responsibility of running the Huo Group would definitely fall upon his father, Huo Lin’s, shoulders. To him, this was another big step closer to seizing power over the Huo family.

After Huo Zhen was transferred to the ICU ward, Huo Yunshen had been waiting outside the ward. He had told his eldest and third sister to take their mother home for a rest and also told them to keep this a secret from their grandfather, lest he suffers another blow.

Unfortunately, someone had to stir up a storm. The first thing Huo Jingtang did after returning to the Huo family m

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