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Did he ever think of her, just like how she thought of him?

At night, Xu Xiyan sat leaning on her bed and thought: In that online game, she and Huo Yunshen were still a couple. She could still send him a message, couldn’t she?

However, as soon she logged into the game, she received a request from Yun Qing for a divorce. She was devastated.

See? He had never been interested in her. Everything had only been her own wishful thinking. He had even cut off their relationship on the internet cleanly.

Xu Xiyan wept silently, overcome with sadness. She wiped her eyes, but the tears would not stop flowing.

She raised a trembling hand and finally tapped “Accept.”

What choice did she have?

What right did she have to continue being his spouse in the game?

[Gongzi Yaoyue and Yun Qing have divorced.]

After the system message was announced, the entire server went into an uproar. Many players were sending chat messages, asking what was going on.

Perhaps in their eyes, the great server first and server second players were the best match for each other. They were a match made in heaven and should walk hand-in-hand for a lifetime. But now they were separated for no reason.

It seemed like only yesterday that Gongzi Yaoyue and Yun Qing had been married in a grand wedding ceremony. But now the two had separated in the blink of an eye.

Everything seemed to be indicating that she was not fated to be with Huo Yunshen.

Xu Xiyan cried with overwhelming grief with an unspeakable pain in her heart.

Although she had never successfully confessed to him and had never started an official relationship with Huo Yunshen, she still felt devastated.

She felt like she had lost the person she loved most. Her heart felt empty and painful; so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

This was completely different from the heartbreak she’d felt when Chu Yuhe had betrayed her. When she had broken up with him back then, it brought her a lot of anger and resentment. Now, however, she was filled only with heartache.

It took her five years to heal from the heartbreak caused by Chu Yuhe’s betrayal. When she fell in love with Huo Yunshen, only then was her emotional world reborn with warmth and hope.

This man had deeply rooted himself in her spirit and soul. To remove him was like carving her own flesh from her bone.

Without Huo Yunshen, her heart was empty. He had taken away all of her love.

If it wasn’t for him, she would not know whether she would have the courage to face love again in the future.

Xu Xiyan cried for a long time, feeling as though her world had ended. Eventually, she was so exhausted from crying, she fell asleep.

She woke up in the middle of the night with a high fever and she was becoming delirious. She opened her eyes blearily and seemed to see Huo Yunshen.

It seemed that her fever was serious. Otherwise, how could she be experiencing these illusions?

“Jing Xi… Jing Xi…”

She wasn’t

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