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Xu Xiyan saw Chu Yuhe but she decided to pretend not to know him and walk past him.

Unfortunately, Chu Yuhe deliberately got in Xu Xiyan’s way. She sensed trouble coming and told Xiao Yuqian and Wandou to wait for her in the car.

She was curious why Chu Yuhe had stopped her. What was he going to do with her?

Chu Yuhe wrapped an arm around Li Yuning’s waist and quipped, “Eh? Isn’t this the famous Jing Xi who is the talk of the town recently?”

“She’s Jing Xi?”

Li Yuning came from a modeling background and had just joined Juxing. She was a beautiful woman with fair skin and long slender legs. She nestled against Chu Yuhe’s chest and said in an ingratiating, cutesy voice, “President Chu, why do you seem to be interested in Miss Jing Xi?”

“How could I be? How could I be interested in a woman who doesn’t have a pretty body and face? Babe, you’re still my favorite! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely make you the shiniest superstar and I’ll give you the best resources. I would do anything for you.”

Chu Yuhe pulled Li Yuning closer to him by her waist. He wanted to show off to Xu Xiyan and make her realize that it was a big mistake to miss out on him.

He was only deliberately belittling Xu Xiyan so he could feel better himself. It was obvious that Xu Xiyan was sour grapes to him.

But in reality, as long as one was not blind, it was clear that Jing Xi’s beauty was magnanimous and captivating. She was also more charismatic in person than she was on the news.

Although she was not a model, her figure was still better than one.

What Chu Yuhe had said was laughable. Xu Xiyan sneered at him, “Oh, it’s you, President Chu! I heard that you’ve separated with Senior Xu. I’m really intrigued; weren’t you the golden couple of the entertainment circle? I thought the love between the two of you could overcome all odds. How could you both just break up like that? Was it because Senior Xu cheated on you first? Or was it because you were caught red-handed frolicking with other women behind her back?” Xu Xiyan interviewed him as if she was an entertainment reporter.

“Jing Xi, enough of your nonsense! I’ve broken up peacefully with Xinrou. What’s wrong with us pursuing our own lives?” Chu Yuhe said, displeased. He was taking an aggressive stance to salvage whatever remained of his male ego after Xu Xiyan had humiliated him.

“Oh, nothing wrong with that! After all, you’ve served your ‘sentence’ and you should reward yourself nicely.”

It was Chu Yuhe who had personally told her in the first place that Xu Xinrou was watching his every move like a hawk, and he felt like a prisoner.

In the past two days, after theY had announced the news of their separation, Chu Yuhe was already swaggering around town with his new sweetheart. He was behaving like a man who had just struck the jackpot and could not wait to celebrate.

After mocking Chu Yuhe, Xu Xiyan deliberately leaned in and spoke into Li Yuning’s ear, “Here’s a kind rem

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