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“Can’t say whether you can even strangle me to death, but if you’re still not letting me go, I’m going to shout—Help! Someone molested me!”

At the same time Xu Xiyan shouted “help,” she quickly grabbed the back of his jacket and yanked it over his head, then pounded at him with her fist. “Stinking hooligan, you dare molest me…”

One by one, the busybodies in the restaurant turned their heads after hearing a girl scream for help.

They saw a girl beating up a hooligan. There were several men who could not just stand by and watch, and decided to come to her rescue, rushing over to bash up the hooligan.

Chu Yuhe’s head was covered by his own jacket and he could not see anything. He was punted to the ground by the group of men as they gave him a good walloping.

“Stop! Don’t beat me… I’m not a hooligan…”

Chu Yuhe staggered to his feet. His perfectly combed hair was now like a chicken nest and his dark suit was covered with messy footprints. He looked very wretched.

He wiped blood off his nose and yelled wide-eyed at them, “Can’t you see? I am the president of Juxing Entertainment and my surname is Chu! Do I look like a hooligan?”

In order to prove his identity, he had even flashed his gilded business card at them.

The group of men dispersed after Chu Yuhe yelled at them. He wanted to seize Xu Xiyan again, but she was nowhere to be found.

Every time Chu Yuhe met Xu Xiyan, bad luck would fall upon him. Chu Yuhe thought angrily, damn woman, she is simply the most cunning fox in the world!

Cursed woman!

Don’t let me see you again, or else I’ll make sure to teach you a good lesson next time!

Xu Xiyan had already long since fled, but she had managed to take a video of Chu Yuhe being beaten.

In order to prevent a certain someone from retaliating first, Xu Xiyan did not hesitate, and seized the chance for a preemptive strike. She sent the video to Wandou and wrote a short article about it, then told her to release it through various media channels.

In just one night, a scandal titled “President of Juxing Entertainment Molests Woman In Public, Mistaken and Beaten Up as a Hooligan by Passersby (Video Included)” had attracted many people’s attention.

Those who had seen the video felt that Chu Yuhe was not “mistaken as a hooligan,” but was literally a hooligan.

Long ago, since the scandal of Chu Yuhe’s attempt to exploit Jing Xi, when he’d gotten his butthole wounded by her, Chu Yuhe’s sophisticated and charming act had collapsed and his reputation had taken a nosedive.

[He broke up with Xu Xinrou just recently, and yet he was already fooling around with other women. This man should be dragged off for a castration!]

[Yes, he should be castrated!]

Somehow, Xu Xiyan has gotten herself into a habit of ruining the lives of scumbags and bitches who deserved it, and she would make sure that they were given a hard time.

As long as she exposed their ugly faces to the public, there would n

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