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“A fake?” Huo Yunshen asked.

Xu Xiyan told Huo Yunshen everything that she’d planned to, since she had no reason to hide it anymore.

She told him that she’d found out by accident that Huo Jingtang was trying to use Qin Kun to poison him for power over the company.

He only realized how close he was to danger after Xu Xiyan had told him the story.

He could feel a chill running down his spine as his heart was filled with sadness.

The brother that he’d believed in had been plotting to take over his position long before he’d noticed it.

It broke his heart.

But in the midst of sadness, he was thankful for Xu Xiyan, for her clever wits.

“Jing Xi, I really thank you from the bottom of my heart…”

“You don’t have to thank me, I’m willing to do anything for you,” Xu Xiyan said as she shook her head and continued to tend to his wounds.

“But I thought you were about to marry Ye Xun?” Huo Yunshen asked. “I don’t want to get in your way.”

“Seriously?” Xu Xiyan laughed. “Are you going to believe everything he says? When did I say I was going to marry him?”

“Wait, what?” Huo Yunshen gasped in surprise. Did they fight?

“You must be mistaken,” Xu Xiyan explained. “There’s no way I’m going to marry him, ever. I don’t even love him. The things he said when we were in Estan were just to toy with you.”

It’s all a mistake? Was Ye Xun just trying to toy with me?

“But I heard you say that you are his girlfriend from the recording.”

Xu Xiyan stopped what she was doing and finally realized what was going on.

She cursed Ye Xun in her heart over a hundred times.

She was just trying to get past the security. She’d never thought that Ye Xun would record that and show it to Huo Yunshen.

“That’s just a joke, don’t believe everything you hear,” Xu Xiyan quickly explained. “He just doesn’t want us to be together.”

Ye Xun doesn’t want us to be together? Then does that mean Jing Xi wants to be together with me? Even though I’m…in a wheelchair?

“But… my legs… I’m scared that I might trouble you for the rest of your life… since I can’t…”

The sadness and self-blame could be heard in Huo Yunshen’s voice.

He had no confidence in winning over Xu Xiyan’s heart, and he did not want to be a burden to her.

Xu Xiyan was trying to hold back and wait for her prince charming to confess his feelings. But she’d finally realize that a person like him who was in a unique situation would never do so.

She’d finally realized that she had to take the initiative, that there was nothing for the girl to confess first.

“Mr. Huo,” Xu Xiyan said as she placed her palm on his chest lightly. “Do you still want to know what I’m about to tell you about when we were in Estan before the accident happened?”

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