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Why had he wished her and Ye Xun a happy marriage and a joyous life out of the blue?

No, this was not right. She had already clearly explained her relationship with Ye Xun to him. Why was he still mistaken about her?

Why had he written such a sentence?

Xu Xiyan put down the disc and opened the crystal closet door. When she came into Huo Yunshen’s apartment, she heard the sound of the door opening.

Xu Xiyan thought that Huo Yunshen had come back. Her heart immediately filling with glee, she rushed over to greet him.

Xu Xiyan did not take a good look at who was at the door when it opened and shouted loudly, “Mr. Huo!”

After clearly seeing who had entered, Xu Xiyan’s smile froze on her face. How could it be Huo Sanyan?

It was over. It was already too late to hide.

Huo Sanyan had been startled by Xu Xiyan’s sudden outburst at the door and her egg tart fell to the ground from her mouth. She watched it roll in a circle before dropping still on its side near Xu Xiyan’s foot.

Huo Sanyan traced her gaze back upwards from the fallen egg tart and saw a beautiful looking woman.

It was a woman. There was really a woman in her brother’s house.

Huo Sanyan had always suspected that her brother was hiding a woman. She had finally caught her red-handed today!

Astonished, Huo Sanyan came closer to Xu Xiyan as if she had found the greatest wonder of the world. She looked at Xu Xiyan’s face carefully. Hmm, she looks familiar. Very familiar.

She quickly picked through her mind. Isn’t this Jing Xi, the woman who caused a sensation in the entertainment circle with her scandals some time ago?

After recognizing her, Huo Sanyan said, “You’re Jing Xi, aren’t you? Am I right? Why are you in my brother’s house? What are you doing here?”

Huo Sanyan knew that Huo Yunshen had gone abroad a while ago, and some time later, her parents had gone there too to bring him home because he got injured. She had heard that he had encountered a riot attack.

Huo Yunshen had been resting at home and there was no one living in his apartment in Shengshi Yujing at the moment. Armed with the knowledge of where Huo Yunshen had hidden the spare keys, Huo Sanyan had snuck here so she could live closer to Ye Xun.

“Hello, Miss Huo. I’m Jing Xi.”

Since Xu Xiyan could not hide anymore, she could only greet Huo Sanyan and brace herself for disaster. “I’m Mr. Huo’s private doctor and I’ve come to see him, but it seems that he is not here, so I’ll be going now.”

Xu Xiyan braced herself to be blamed, criticized and sworn at. She could imagine how much the Huo family disliked her.

Since Huo Yunshen’s mother hated her so much, Huo Yunshen’s sister must not be any different, and she would not even be accommodating. She decided it was best to look for an excuse and leave quickly.

Seeing that Xu Xiyan was about to leave, Huo Sanyan grabbed her in time, “Hey, Jing Xi! Wait! Don’t be in a hurry!”

“Miss Huo, I…”

Huo Sanyan

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