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It was Xu Jinshan who had asked him to come to the hotel for an appointment and told him that he had some business regarding the transfer of power of Yunhai. He arrived at the hotel room and found that the door was unlocked.

He opened the door and walked into the suite. He did not see Xu Jinshan, but he heard the door closing behind him.

He turned around and saw Xu Xinrou in silk lingerie, standing barefoot near the door with a wine glass in her hand.

She watched him quietly with a seductive smile on her face.

She only wore a thin silk lingerie, and her smooth and delicate curves seemed to appear and disappear beneath the wispy fabric. Any man who saw her would feel the urge to tear the lingerie off of her.

Huo Jingtang looked her over, his eyes lingering briefly on her fair slender legs. He was smart enough to understand what was going on.

“Director Xu asked me to meet him here. I didn’t expect to see you here too, Miss Xu.”

Huo Jingtang was dressed in a black suit. He looked imposing as he stood there, showing no emotion in his deep and mysterious eyes.

“That’s right, Dad has something urgent to deal with, so he asked me to chat with you in the meantime.”

Xu Xinrou walked towards Huo Jingtang but did not stop by his side. She went past him to the table, poured out a glass of red wine, and handed it to him.

Huo Jingtang glanced at the red wine in the glass warily, but eventually took it from her.

He sat down on the sofa and draped an arm across the back of it. He swirled the wine in his glass, a faint smile on his face. “I wonder what Director Xu wants to discuss with me?”

“Of course, it is something to do with Vice President Huo’s interests. Like, Yunhai Entertainment… Or the right to inherit the Huo family business…”

Xu Xinrou sat down beside him, clinked her glass with his, then drank her wine in one go to show her sincerity.

Huo Jingtang’s interest was immediately piqued. He curved his lips into a smile, then tipped his head back and downed his wine, too. Soon after his full glass of wine reached his stomach, he felt something stirring within him and his body temperature began to rise.

His eyes grew dark. He said bluntly, “So you’ve conspired with your father and drugged me. It seems that this is not just a simple business meeting!”

Xu Xinrou smiled with seductive confidence and smoothed her long hair. “You’re really smart, Vice President Huo. You’ve seen right through us. To tell you the truth, I was the one who asked my father to make an appointment with you.”

“You wanted an appointment with me?”

“Yes, I’ve always admired you, Vice President Huo.” Xu Xinrou leaned back on the sofa in an especially suggestive pose. “A handsome and sturdy and charming man like you—who doesn’t love a man like that?”

Huo Jingtang’s ego swelled upon hearing that. He held Xu Xinrou’s chin and asked, “Don’t you have Chu Yuhe?”

Xu Xinrou looked at him with wide, innocent eyes. “I’ve

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