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Chapter 1932: A Full-fledged Bastard

“What? Look at yourself! You’re no one now! The Xiao family is finished!” Li Muhao laughed. “Do you really think I will help you? You can take the 500 thousand if you want, but I’m not giving you more than that.”

Li Muhao didn’t even flinch when he said all that. He’d never liked Xiao Yuqian from the beginning. He sought after her because he lost a bet to his friend and thought of breaking up with her after a while. But then he realized that she wasn’t clingy and could help with his company’s problem. That was why he decided to keep her.

He was just using her. There weren’t any feelings involved. That explained why he’d never touched her during the past three years of dating.

Xiao Yuqian finally found out Li Muhao’s true colors. He was a full-fledged bastard.

It was true that she needed money, but she wasn’t going to take the check from Li Muhao.

Instead, she picked up the check, tore it into pieces, and threw it into Li Muhao’s face.

She then picked up the vase and shouted, “I was blind, so blind that I actually fell for someone like you! Just die!”

Before she could throw the vase towards Li Muhao, he was one step faster than her and grabbed the vase.

Li Muhao then showed his palm, wanting to slap Xiao Yuqian.

But before he could land the slap, his wrist was grabbed by someone from behind.

Li Muhao turned around and saw a young man in a blue suit. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses indoors, and his hair was messily arranged.

“Let me go!” Li Muhao scolded.

“Let you go? You were going to hit my girl, weren’t you? Did you get my permission to do that?”

Ma Haodong scolded and stared at Li Muhao through his sunglasses.

Xiao Yuqian was utterly shocked by Ma Haodong’s appearance since she had no idea who he was.

He was a complete stranger.

“Your girl? You mean her?” Li Muhao asked.

“That’s right.”

Ma Haodong let Li Muhao go and grabbed Xiao Yuqian by her shoulder. Xiao Yuqian looked at the hand on her shoulder and then back at Ma Haodong.

“Huh? And here you are accusing me, Xiao Yuqian.” Li Muhao smirked. “Look at yourself. Tell me, who is he? I never thought you would like someone with a babyface.”

Li Muhao insulted Ma Haodong with the term “babyface” because of his pale skin.

Xiao Yuqian could feel the stranger pinching her shoulder, signaling to her that he was helping her.

“So what?” Xiao Yuqian asked back.

“You hear her?” Ma Haodong laughed. “She would rather date someone with a babyface than someone with an overused banana.”


Li Muhao scolded and pointed at Ma Haodong. The moment he raised his finger, Ma Haodong grabbed it and broke it.

Li Muhao yelled in pain. Ma Haodong then forced Li Muhao down to the floor and started punching his face before breaking his whole arm.

“Don’t you dare come near my woman ever again, you hear me?” Ma Haodong warned. “Or else I’m going to cut that arm off.”

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