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“If it’s possible, I really want to hand Yunhai Entertainment over to him, as long as Grandpa agrees. I believe he has the ability to run the company.”

Xu Xiyan looked into his glimmering eyes and asked, “Is this what you really wish for?”

“Yes. The truth is I never wanted to take over the Huo family business. It was Grandpa who had great expectations of me, so I didn’t want to disappoint him. Deep in my heart, I always felt that, if only I could let my brother take over Yunhai, maybe it would be better for the both of us.”

Even if Huo Yunshen did not have Yunhai Entertainment, and even if he didn’t take over the Huo Group in the future, he still had his own career.

However, nobody knew the other identity he was hiding behind his identity of movie king.

Right now, he had nothing else to ask for. He only wished to be with his beloved every day, and that was enough.

After listening to his words, Xu Xiyan sighed in her heart.

Huo Yunshen had taken Huo Jingtang as his role model, worshipped and trusted him, and was willing to hand Yunhai over to him.

However, Huo Jingtang had made such a move behind his back. He was really ignorant.

One day, when Huo Yunshen finds out his older brother’s true face, how will he feel?

“Well, you’re right. Maybe you’re more suited to the big screen and becoming a shining movie king.”

Xu Xiyan had always believed that, with Huo Yunshen’s talents and acting skills missing from the entertainment circle, it would be a great loss to the industry.

“A movie king…” Huo Yunshen sighed. “I’m afraid I will never be the same.”

Huo Yunshen lowered his head. His eyes were covered by his long eyelashes, hiding the sadness within.

“How so?”

She suddenly placed her hand on his knees. Huo Yunshen looked up in surprise.

Xu Xiyan gazed into the man’s shimmering but waning eyes quietly. Then, quite emotionally, she said, “Mr. Huo, you’ve been working so hard, I believe that God will definitely look after you and help you walk again soon. I hope that, one day, I can see you return to the big screen.”

“You want me to continue acting?”

“You don’t have to act. It’s great if you can continue composing music and singing too. Do you know that you’re a genius? You will never fade away! You’re like gold that shines no matter where it’s placed. I believe that, one day, you will walk towards the stage of the music awards ceremony and collect the glory you deserve.”

These were the sincere words of Xu Xiyan.

She really wanted to see him in a tuxedo walking up to the stage. He would look very charming.

This talented musician known as “Ni Yun” had composed so many classic songs, but every time, a representative would appear in his place to collect his awards on stage at the music festival.

Xu Xiyan really hoped that, one day, she could accompany him onto the stage to receive his honor.


Huo Yunshen was stunned. Not only because of her heartfelt words, but

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