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[A Cloud in the Sky has placed a bid of 20,000 Yuan.]

[Dreaming of the Tang Dynasty has placed a bid of 20,005 Yuan.]

After the bid had risen over 10,000 Yuan, Huo Yunshen and Tang Yichen were the only ones left in the bidding war.

No matter how much Huo Yunshen had bid, Tang Yichen would deliberately overbid him by a little. Huo Yunshen scowled and stared daggers at Tang Yichen. “Why are you such an annoying person?”

“Heheh… now you know?”

Tang Yichen smiled shamelessly. They’d been close friends for many years, and Tang Yichen had never restrained himself in front of him.

“How much do you earn in a month?” Huo Yunshen asked, raising his eyebrows. He was trying to imply to Tang Yichen that he had a wife and a child to feed with his little salary, and yet he was spending his money carelessly.

Tang Yichen smiled, “How much I earn depends on you, Mr. Big President.”

“Haven’t you been handing over all of your salary to your wife every month?” Huo Yunshen asked again.

Tang Yichen gave a wily laugh. “What kind of man doesn’t keep his own secret vault?”

Huo Yunshen: “…”

Huo Yunshen naturally did not know that Tang Yichen had two salary bank cards. The salary card from Yunhai Entertainment was managed by his wife. The other card was for the income from his freelance work, which was many times higher than his salary.

The two had just exchanged a few words and before they knew it, the auction was over. Huo Yunshen complained, “It’s all your fault! The auction is over! If you had not interrupted me, I could’ve won the auction!”

“No way! Who is that person who appeared out of the blue?”

Tang Yichen stared at the screen incredulously. An account named “Little Candy Prince” had placed the final bid of 50,000 Yuan, winning the auction for a meetup with Cherry and a kiss from her.

Tang Yichen tugged his tie. “F**k!” he exclaimed. “Who the hell is this ‘Little Candy Prince?’ He dares to challenge me? Quick, Old Huo! Go look that guy up!”

Huo Yunshen was proficient with computers. He quickly traced the IP address of “Little Candy Prince” and found detailed information about that account. “Here, see for yourself.”

Tang Yichen took the laptop from Huo Yunshen and looked at it. What the f…! He almost vomited blood. The account “Little Candy Prince” was actually registered by his son, Tang Feimo.

That was not the point. The point was that his son had used his secret salary card to bid in the auction. Oh my god!

How did that rascal find out that I have another salary card?

“Your son Feimo is really unbelievable.”

“Guh…” Tang Yichen couldn’t stop thinking about vomiting blood. Oh my f**king god!

Huo Yunshen stifled a laugh. It was refreshing to see Tang Yichen’s face turning black all over as he was being cheated.

Hahaha, he really gave birth to a good cheating son!

Meanwhile, at the Jing family house…

After the livestream had ended, Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao gave ea

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