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The little girl’s words flattered the two adults and they giggled. Her skills of complimenting others were impressive.

Xu Xiyan was observing the couple, Tang Yishen wore a dark red suit and looked dashing, Liang Lan wore a pink dress and looked graceful. The two of them matched.

She remembered seeing Tang Yishen at Grandpa Huo’s birthday party and felt that he really resembled her previous boss, Tang Nade. Seeing him within close distance today, they looked even more similar.

Xu Xiyan could not help but ask. “Pardon me for asking, Mr. Tang. Do you know Mr. Tang Nade?”

Tang Yishen was stunned, he looked up and at Xu Xiyan. “You are?”

Xu Xiyan removed her mask to reveal her face briefly before putting it on again.

Tang Yishen recognized Jing Xi and was surprised.

Jing Xi? Why would Jing Xi be accompanying Little Cherry? This is suspicious. Should I report this to Huo Yunshen?

But right now, Tang Yishen had to cover up his lies. “Miss Jing Xi! Hi! Of course, I know Tang Nade. He’s my twin brother. Do you find the two of us similar?”

“Yeah! I just did not expect that you guys would be twins!”

Xu Xiyan finally had her questions answered.

Tang Feimo saw that the adults were chatting. He held onto Ying Bao’s hand and said, “Mum, Dad, you guys continue chatting. I’m going to go play with Ying Bao.”

The seven-year old Tang Feimo was much taller than the four-year old Ying Bao. He acted like a young adult and brought Ying Bao to the ticketing entrance.

“Let’s go in, too! We bought tickets for the two of you already.”

Tang Yishen passed the tickets to Xu Xiyan and she quickly followed behind the two children.

Tang Yishen held his wife’s hand and walked behind. Liang Lan asked quietly, “Since when did you have a twin brother that I did not know of?”

“I’ll explain when we go back.”

Tang Yishen chuckled and gave his wife a look of mutual understanding.

At the same time, he took a photo of the backs of the people in their group and sent it to Huo Yunshen. He cheekily added a comment: “Yunshen, I’m currently out with two pretty ladies and one pretty girl. Don’t disturb me unless necessary.”

Tang Yishen bought the full access pass, where they could play and ride all rides for free. Tang Feimo acted like a host and walked in front with Ying Bao. He considerately asked Ying Bao what she wanted to play with.

No matter what she said she wanted to play with, he would agree readily and accompany her.

For rides that required adult accompany, Xu Xiyan would accompany the children. She would sit at the bench during rides that the children could ride on their own.

Xu Xiyan realized Ying Bao seemed to like Tang Feimo a lot and was especially obedient next to Tang Feimo. She rarely acted like that.

Ying Bao was actually a sensitive child. She became unwilling to play with other children after being mocked for not having a dad and being illegitimate.

However, today, she did not

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