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The little cutie sat in her seat without moving on their way back home, as she was tired from playing the whole day.

“Did you have fun today?” Xu Xiyan asked as she looked at the little girl in her rear mirror.

“Yup!” Ying Bao replied with her cute voice.

“Do you like playing with Feimo?”

“Yes, he’s really good to me,” Ying Bao nodded. “He did not make fun of me for having no father. I like playing with him.”

“How about Uncle Dimple? Do you want to go and see him?” Xu Xiyan asked, as she suddenly linked Huo Yunshen to the word “father.”

“Yes!” Ying Bao replied enthusiastically as soon as she heard that she could go and play with Huo Yunshen. “I want to go! He’s the greatest uncle in the world!”

“Then, how about we go to his house now?” Xu Xiyan said, as she also wanted to go see him but couldn’t find any reason to. “Uncle Dimple has bought a pair of cute little slippers for you.”

“Really?” Ying Bao said. “Let’s go then, Xi Baby!”

“Okay, sit tight then.” Xu Xiyan smiled and cheered in her heart.

Oh yeah! I can always use Ying Bao to get to meet with my prince charming! I’m so smart!

They arrived back at Shengshi Yujing around four in the evening.

Just as they were about to get out of the car, Xu Xiyan got a call from the set.

“Xi Baby, I’ll go first!” Ying Bao said as she jumped out of the car. “I remember how to get to Uncle Dimple’s house.”

“Okay,” Xu Xiyan said. “Remember, it’s Room 101.”

“I remember, Uncle Dimple lives beside you.”

Ying Bao closed the door and ran into the building.

Xu Xiyan saw Ying Bao off and picked up her call.

The neighborhood they were in could only be afforded by people loaded with money, the security was as tight as it could be. Xu Xiyan wasn’t worried to let Ying Bao go alone.

The little girl ran up to Room 101 and tried to push the bell. Yet she wasn’t tall enough to reach it and could only knock on the door.

After a few seconds, the door opened, and a person came out.

“Uncle Dimple!” Ying Bao greeted without looking at who it was.

Huo Sanyan opened the door and couldn’t find anyone standing outside until she heard someone shouting from below. She lowered her head, and there stood a little girl.

The little girl was wearing a red shirt that covered her pale white skin. Her face was round with big eyes. The little girl was cute enough to melt anyone’s heart.

Huo Sanyan noticed that the girl had dimples almost as if they were the same as Huo Yunshen’s.

“Little one, who are you?’ Huo Sanyan asked in surprise.

Ying Bao originally wanted to give Huo Yunshen a surprise…she had not expected a beautiful woman to open the door.

Since Ying Bao was more mature than kids that were around her age, she thought the woman was Huo Yunshen’s girlfriend.

Uncle Dimple told me that he doesn’t have a girlfriend, then who is this woman? Uncle Dimple is a liar!

The smile on the little girl’s face disappeared, and she lowered

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