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At this point, Huo Yunshen was really worried about Xu Xiyan. Worried that she might have injured her muscles or bones, judging from the strained back and twisted ankle.

Upon the thought of this, he immediately took out his phone and called Yi Xiao. He instructed, “Immediately arrange for a helicopter to come over now!”

When Xu Xiyan heard him arranging for a helicopter, she was shocked. Did she overreact and escalate the problem?

“Mr. Huo, aren’t we taking the boat back?”

They’d come in a boat and Xu Xiyan thought they would return the same way.

“Taking the boat is too slow.”

Huo Yunshen’s brow was furrowed, and he had worry written all over his face.

He needed to send her to the hospital for treatment immediately without any delay.

Xu Xiyan never wanted to create trouble for him, she just wanted to be closer to him. Now that things had turned this way, she would be ashamed if she jumped down and said she was all right.

Moreover, would Huo Yunshen doubt her character if he knew that she was lying to him?

Damn! I really brought it on myself!

While waiting for the helicopter, Xu Xiyan obediently stayed in his arms but was also worried that she was too heavy for him. She asked, “Mr. Huo, am I really heavy? Why not just let me down?”

“No worries! You’re not heavy!”

Huo Yunshen held on to her more tightly to prevent her from jumping down.

Just like that, the two of them cuddled together and watched the sunset over Yao Lake. The image was heartwarming.

For a moment, the two of them were thinking about the same thing. If they could cuddle and watch the sunset together like this when they were old, it would be splendid!

After some time, Xu Xiyan was blushing. She moved her numb body and asked deliberately, “Mr. Huo, there seems to be something hard poking me!”

Huo Yunshen: “…”

With a beauty in his arms, and as he smelled the faint fragrance from her hair, It would have been weird if Huo Yunshen hadn’t had any reaction.

How am I supposed to answer her though? I can’t just tell her it’s my little mate greeting her, right?

After a moment of silence, Huo Yunshen answered in a serious tone, “It might be…the wheelchair controller.”

“I see.” Xu Xiyan giggled in her mind. It’s really tiring to act pure and innocent.

Returning to cuddle in his arms, Xu Xiyan had a blissful look on her face. She closed her eyes and listened quietly to his heartbeat.

It now became clearer to Xu Xiyan that Huo Yunshen had moved her heart bit by bit.

His tender loving care surrounded her like a net.

Not only was she unable to escape, she was even willing to be caught.

She admired him, adored him and fell in love with him, these were all undeniable facts.

She wanted to be more intimate with him, she even imagined them holding hands, kissing, hugging, and even sleeping together.

However, she told herself to be more reserved so she didn’t scare the shy and introverted man a

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