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When she arrived at the aquarium, Huo Yunshen and the others had just come out. The little girl was tired and had fallen asleep in Huo Yunshen’s arms.

“Mr. Huo,” Xu Xiyan said as she ran over to him. The first thing she saw was the sleeping child. “Is Cherry Baby asleep?”

“Yeah, you can take her back now.”

“What happened to your head?”

Xu Xiyan noticed the bandage hidden under his hair. Was he injured?

“It’s nothing. It’s only a little injury.”

“How did you get hurt? Weren’t you guys at the zoo and the aquarium?”

Xu Xiyan couldn’t imagine how Huo Yunshen got himself injured at those places. Worried, she reached out to sweep his hair aside to look at his wounds.

She wouldn’t have been shocked at how big the bandage was if she hadn’t looked at it. It didn’t look like a minor injury.

“It was only an accidental scratch. It’s really nothing. Yi Xiao already helped me bandage it.”

Yi Xiao explained in a timely manner, “Miss Jing Xi, a sign fell onto the young master while he was trying to rescue Cherry Baby. Cherry was fine but the young master was injured. I wanted to inform you, but young master did not wish to disturb you at work.”

Huo Yunshen glared at Yi Xiao. Since when was he allowed to speak?

Yi Xiao pursed his lips helplessly. Oh, Mr. President, Miss Jing Xi eventually has to know how good you are to her, don’t you agree?

If you keep everything a secret, how is she going to know your feelings for her?

“Oh my god, your injury is serious! Why didn’t you tell me? You have to go to the hospital for an injection. It will become even more serious if you get tetanus!”

Xu Xiyan was so anxious, and pushed Huo Yunshen out.

Huo Yunshen felt that she was being a little over-stressed at the matter, but he had to admit that it felt nice being fussed over by her.

At Xu Xiyan’s insistence, Huo Yunshen went to the hospital.

The surgeon examined him and put two stitches in his wound, then told the nurse to take him away to dress his wound and give him a tetanus shot.

Xu Xiyan stayed in the doctor’s office. She became worried when she thought of the scar on Huo Yunshen’s handsome face. She asked the surgeon, “Will there be a scar on my husband’s face in the future? What if it’s permanent?”

She had called Huo Yunshen “my husband” in front of the doctor. The doctor could not recognize their faces; he thought they were only a normal couple.

“Don’t be so dramatic, it’s normal to have a scar from a wound. Why does it matter for a big man to have a scar?” asked the surgeon matter-of-factly.

He actually said that I’m being dramatic?

Xu Xiyan did not like what she’d heard. Don’t you know how precious Huo Yunshen’s face is?

Even if it was just a pimple, she would feel distressed for him!

Xu Xiyan slammed her fist on the desk and grabbed the surgeon by the collar of his shirt. “Who are you calling dramatic, huh!? Tell me who! Say it clearly!”

The surgeon hadn’t expect

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