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Huo Yunshen passed the lyrics and music score to Xu Xiyan and said, “Jing Xi, go in to the recording room and hum a few lines for me.”


Xu Xiyan was flattered as she sat down in front of the microphone in the recording room. She followed his instructions and wore the headset.

The prelude of the song came out again from the headset. Xu Xiyan stared at the score in her hands and silently counted the beats in her heart. When the prelude was over, she began to sing the female verse.

“The light, clouds and shadow wander over the sky. Years pass as I gaze at the miles of rivers and mountains. Yet the stars today aren’t the same as before. The wind blows over the face, and reveals the beauty within…”

Xu Xiyan stopped singing after the first few lines and her heart was nervous and excited. After all, she had only sang in the KTV before. It was a first for her to sing formally in a recording room. She had no idea if she would make it.

Upon seeing Huo Yunshen indicating that she should continue to sing, she mustered the courage to continue on. She even helped sing some of the male verse.

After singing the first half of the song, the music ended. Huo Yunshen gave her a thumbs up while Xu Xiyan took off the headset, trembling with excitement.

Huo Yunshen configured the mixer to be on auto mode, and went into the recording room. He complimented earnestly, “Jing Xi, you sang really well! Even better than what I expected. Let’s have another go, try to adjust your breathing.”

In fact, she had already sang pretty well, it was just that she might have been too excited and her voice had trembled a little.

Upon hearing Huo Yunshen’s compliment, Xu Xiyan almost jumped in excitement. She listened to his instructions and took a few deep breaths.

They both put on their headsets and waited for the song to start, and then entered official recording mode.

Xu Xiyan began singing the female verse and Huo Yunshen continued with the male verse. Under Huo Yunshen’s guidance, the two of them began their duet.

After the first recording ended, Huo Yunshen gave Xu Xiyan some advice for improvement and taught her how to switch between chest voice and falsetto.

His guidance was detailed and serious.

With Huo Yunshen’s guidance, Xu Xiyan improved quickly. When they started official recording for the second time, the process got even smoother.

During their duet, music sensors filled the room with light, and it became bright and colourful.

Through the glass, the clear water of Yao Lake could be seen. Faraway fish were swimming closer, attracted by the enchanting music.

As they finished the third recording, Xu Xiyan followed Huo Yunshen out of the recording room. They stood in front of the mixer and Huo Yunshen played back the three versions that they had just recorded.

With a comparison, Xu Xiyan was also able to hear what had gone wrong with her singing.

Overall, the third recording was the most ma

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