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At night, Huo Yunshen lay in his bed, unable to sleep. He replayed the scene of Xu Xiyan kissing his forehead in his mind and felt his inner desire growing and spreading like wild grass.

In the end, he could not stand it anymore. Huo Yunshen got up for a cold shower.

After he had calmed down, he went back on his bed and sent a message to Mr. Yim on his mobile phone: [Mr. Yim, I am so happy.]

Next door, Xu Xiyan was also having a little trouble falling asleep. When she was about to close her eyes and doze off, she heard her phone ring with a text message and opened her eyes again.

She picked up her phone and looked at it. It was Wing. He had not talked to her for a while. Today he had sent her a message: [Mr. Yim, I am so happy.]

Oh? He’s very happy?

Why is he happy?

Xu Xiyan quickly typed a reply: [What made you so happy?]

Huo Yunshen saw Yim’s reply. Lips raised lightly, he replied: [The chamomile I’ve planted has sprouted. Good night, Mr. Yim.]

He only simply wanted to share his joy.

Though he had said that the chamomile he planted had sprouted, what he really wanted to say was that the seeds of love he had planted seemed to be sprouting.

Oh, so the flower he planted has sprouted!

Xu Xiyan’s lips curved into a light smile. She returned a message and wished him good night, then put down her phone and went back to sleep.

The reply came: [Goodnight.] Huo Yunshen held his phone to his chest and closed his eyes happily, his mind full of images of Xu Xiyan’s face.

Good night, Jing Xi!

I hope you have a good dream and that you see me in your dreams.

It was Saturday.

After the unexpected kiss last night, Huo Yunshen still felt a little embarrassed when they met in the morning.

“Good morning, Mr. Huo.”

“Morning, Jing Xi.”

On the other hand, Xu Xiyan was her usual cheerful and carefree self. She was not particularly bothered by what she had done last night and was already back to business.

First, Xu Xiyan cleaned the apartment. When she was done, Huo Yunshen had already prepared breakfast.

Xu Xiyan saw him coming out of the kitchen with a large plate of food. She quickly dropped the vacuum cleaner and ran over to take the plate from him. “Mr. Huo, why did you make breakfast? Didn’t I tell you that I would make it after I was done with house chores?”

“It all right. I was bored anyway.”

The truth was he didn’t want to tire her.

Although Xu Xiyan owed him a ten-billion debt and they were in a debtor-creditor relationship, he didn’t really want Xu Xiyan to be his caretaker and only wanted to keep her by his side.

If his legs had recovered, he would surely take over all the housework and give her a comfortable life, pampering her like a princess.

Xu Xiyan sniffed at the delicious breakfast and smiled, praising him, “Wow, it smells really good. It must be karma that I’m able to enjoy breakfast made by Mr. Huo.”

Huo Yunshen’s lips curved up in

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