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Xu Xiyan grinned as she saw Huang Yanran could not come up with something to counter with. She walked straight to the set.

It was as if the staff members had just seen a free movie. They were all laughing at Huang Yanran after Xu Xiyan had mocked her.

Everyone knew that Huang Yanran was sleeping with many different men, and there was no way that she could get better.

“What are you all looking at? Go back to work!” Huang Yanran scolded and left the set.

After being played by Xu Xiyan, Huang Yanran hated her more than ever.

I’ll definitely dispose of her! How dare she act like she’s the boss in front of me!

She asked He Liang to get the timetable for her and noticed that there was a scene that required the female protagonist to get showered with cement powder, and she had a thought. She quickly ordered He Liang to go and settle something.

From 3:00 PM onwards, Xu Xiyan shot a few scenes with the male protagonist and Ma Haodong.

The last scene before dinner was a scene where the female protagonist ran in the rain at a construction site while she was trying to destroy the criminal’s lair. It required that she be hit by a bag of cement powder, and she’d be covered in it.

With the mixture of powder and water, the female protagonist continued to push forward despite the extra load.

The scene was intended to give the audience a feel for the tenacity that the female protagonist had.

Yet the prop master, Jia Qing, had prepared something else for Xu Xiyan. He’d mixed something in the cement powder that would definitely ruin Xu Xiyan’s face.

No one knew that He Liang had paid Jia Qing to mix arsenic trioxide in the flour that would replace the cement powder. The mixture of arsenic trioxide and water would ruin a person’s face if touched by it.

When the accident happened, Jia Qing would only have to blame it on the person who had bought the flour.

He Liang would pay him a total of 50,000 Yuan as soon as the accident occurred. Jia Qing needed the money to pay the hospital bill for his kid.

When the camera began to shoot, Xu Xiyan ran through the construction in her dark police uniform. The rain had wet her hair and clothes while she continued forward.

A bag of cement powder hung in between two buildings, a trap set by the perpetrator that the protagonist was chasing.

The cement would fall as soon as Xu Xiyan stepped on a mechanism that’d been prepared on the floor.

The female protagonist looked around and did not notice that she’d stepped on the mechanism. Yet at that moment, it did not trigger. Xu Xiyan tried again, but the cement still lay on top of the building.

“Jing Xi, why aren’t you moving?” Peng Sicheng asked, seeing that Xu Xiyan was not moving at all.

“The mechanism isn’t working!” Xu Xiyan said as she tried to step on it again.

“What? Jia Qing! Go take a look!” Peng Sicheng ordered.

Jia Qing was shocked by the incident and could only go up to the set and check

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