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Red really complemented Ying Bao’s skin color. She really looked like a cute little cherry wearing red.

The little girl shook her head with an adorable expression, it was especially cute.

The reason for wearing a red cartoon hoodie to the fan meetup was a discussion between Candy Prince and Ying Bao about ensuring that she would be easily recognizable.

The venue was at Peijing Theme Park. Xu Xiyan fetched her daughter and drove straight to the theme park.

They agreed to meet at the KFC next to the theme park entrance. Tang Yishen and his wife, Liang Lan, were waiting there with their son Tang Feimo. The family of three was keeping a lookout over the crowd.

Tang Feimo wore a red hoodie and black track pants. He had handsome features and looked especially dashing. The little one had inherited the merits of his parents and would definitely be very attractive when he grew up.

Amidst the crowd, an adult and a child wearing masks appeared.

Tang Feimo saw that the little girl was wearing the same red hoodie as he was and immediately recognized her. He pointed excitedly, “Dad! Mum! Look! Cherry Baby is here!”

“Where? Where?” Tang Yishen and Liang Lan looked towards the direction their son pointed and saw a lady holding onto a little girl wearing red.

As they walked nearer, Tang Feimo walked up excitedly, “Hey! Little Cherry! I’m here!”

Ying Bao was very happy, too, when she saw Tang Feimo. “Feimo! Why are you here?”

Tang Feimo ran over happily and bent down to look straight into Ying Bao’s eyes, “I’ve been waiting for you!”

Ying Bao saw his red shirt and realized, “Wow! Feimo is Candy Prince?”

“Yes! That’s right!”

Tang Feimo nodded happily and pat on his chest. He was wearing the cartoon pin on the left side of his chest and treated it preciously.

“Feimo, are you alone?” Ying Bao asked curiously.

“Nope. I came with my Mum and Dad. They are over there.” Tang Feimo pointed for Ying Bao.

Tang Yishen walked over with his wife and greeted Xu Xiyan, “Hi! We are Candy Prince’s parents. I’m Tang Yishen and this is my wife, Liang Lan. Nice to meet you!”

Everyone who had watched Cherry Baby’s livestreaming was curious as to what Cherry Baby’s mum looked like. What kind of woman must she be to have such an adorable and smart child?

Tang Yishen was also curious and asked, “Are you Cherry Baby’s mum?”

Before Xu Xiyan could answer, Ying Bao explained “She’s not my mummy. My mummy can’t come today.”

Ying Bao remembered what the adults had told her, not to call Xu Xiyan “Mummy” in public. It would not be good for her mummy. The best way to protect her mummy was to say she was not her mummy.

“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Tang! Cherry’s parents are busy today, so they entrusted me to accompany the child,” Xu Xiyan explained.

The couple expressed their understanding. As Xu Xiyan was wearing a mask, Tang Yishen did not recognize her, nor did he recognize her voice.

Tang Yishen bent down to

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