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Xu Xiyan really had fallen asleep.

Her workload filming as a stunt double was really heavy and tiring. She had a bit of insomnia the night before, and had woken up really early. As a result, she fell asleep listening to his heartbeat.

“Young master…” Yi Xiao came near and was about to speak. Huo Yunshen raised his index finger, gesturing for him to be silent.


Everyone softened their steps and stood on two sides. Huo Yunshen moved his electronic wheelchair slowly towards the helipad.

There was a special mechanism on the helicopter that could carry Huo Yunshen up inside, along with his wheelchair.

After the wheelchair was secured, Huo Yunshen took out a thin blanket and covered Xu Xiyan to prevent her from feeling chilly.

Yi Xiao was worried about Huo Yunshen’s health upon seeing him carry Xu Xiyan. He said, “Young master, it’s too tiring for you to keep on carrying her like this. Why not place Miss Jing Xi on the seat and let her lie down flat to sleep?”

“It’s all right, I’m not tired.”

Huo Yunshen did not feel tired.

These fools would not understand that it would never be tiring to carry your beloved woman.

He yearned for such opportunities to be closer to Xu Xiyan, he would be willing to even carry her like this all the time.

Seeing that Huo Yunshen insisted on not letting go, Yi Xiao found it hard to persuade him. He considerately closed the cabin compartment, separating a private space for his young master.

It was great, no one would disturb them now.

Huo Yunshen took a pillow and placed it under Xu Xiyan’s head, providing support for her. With her face facing up, he could look down at her sleeping face.

Huo Yunshen felt satisfied hugging Xu Xiyan. He could not help but gently touch her face.

Her face was smooth and tender, it was addictive for him to touch it.

Looking at her childlike sleeping face, Huo Yunshen swallowed silently and his eyes turned especially passionate.

He wanted to kiss her the last time but he had failed. Now, he could do whatever he wanted!

Huo Yunshen felt like a thief, his heart was pounding and he swallowed his saliva. He slowly lowered his head nearer to Xu Xiyan, getting closer and closer.

He gently planted a kiss onto Xu Xiyan’s forehead. It was not enough for him. He could not help but kiss her soft lifs.

He did not dare to use too much strength, worried that it might wake her up. He just gently brushed his warm moist lips against hers.

He originally just wanted a little taste, but her lips were so soft and sweet. She tasted so tempting that he did not want to let go after he started kissing.

He unknowingly increased his strength and even closed his eyes. He got carried away and knocked onto her teeth.

It was only when the girl felt a little uncomfortable in her dream that she furrowed her pretty eyebrows and muttered some words in her sleep. Huo Yunshen got startled and quickly withdrew himself.


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