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“Of course you can,” Xu Xiyan said while rubbing Tang Feimo’s head. “We’ll find some time and get together, okay?”

“Okay,” Tang Feimo nodded happily, as he couldn’t wait for the next time he could meet Ying Bao.

Xu Xiyan explained the situation to Tang Yitan and his wife.

“Come on, say goodbye to them,” Xu Xiyan said to Ying Bao while holding her hand.

“Goodbye, Handsome Uncle and Pretty Aunty, and you too, my little prince,” Ying Bao said while waving her hands. They began walking away.

Yet after they’d walked for a few steps, Ying Bao struggled free of her mother’s hand and ran to Tang Feimo’s side. She lifted herself higher and landed a kiss on Tang Feimo’s cheek.

It was a resounding kiss that even the adults could hear.

The little girl ran back to her mother’s side before Tang Feimo could even react.

Tang Feimo almost fainted from happiness after he got the kiss. He had been too immersed in playing with Ying Bao and had forgotten about their promise.

He’d never expected Ying Bao to keep her promise and give him a kiss before she left.

Oh yeah! Looks like I’ll have to stop washing my face for a month!

Tang Feimo sent Ying Bao and Xu Xiyan off with his eyes until he couldn’t see them anymore. He turned depressed in an instant and had no interest in playing any games.

“I’ve never felt this bored before,” Tang Feimo sighed. “I’ve only realized that being alone is so boring now that Ying Bao has left…”

Tang Yitan and Liang Lan heard their son’s sigh and looked at each other in awe.

Did we just hear those words coming from a kid’s mouth?

It really sounds like it came from someone who’s deeply in love…

“Hey, Lanlan,” Tang Yitan called out to his wife as he suddenly thought of something. “Don’t you think that Cherry Baby looks a little like Yunshen?”

“More than a little,” Liang Lan replied. “I really thought that she was Yunshen’s kid when I first saw her. They have the same dimples when they smile, it’s like looking at a picture of him!”

Liang Lan had wanted to ask Tang Yitan ages ago but didn’t know how to begin. Now that her husband had started the topic, she didn’t hold in her astonishment any longer.

“Yeah, even Yunshen was surprised when he first saw her livestream, too,” Tang Yitan said, grabbing his wife’s shoulders. “It would be good if he had a daughter like her, at least he wouldn’t have to worry about getting an heir.”

“He really has it rough, huh?” Liang Lan sighed.

“Things don’t look good for him at the company because of his condition,” Tang Yitan said with a worried face, as he knew much about the internal affairs as the head legal advisor for Yunhai Entertainment. “A bunch of shareholders are trying to make Huo Jingtang the next CEO.”

As a spectator, Tang Yitan had already seen the thirst for power in Huo Jingtang’s eyes. He was worried about what Huo Jingtang would do to Huo Yunshen to achieve the power that he desired.

“What kind of people

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