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After Cherry Baby had greeted everyone, it was Rabbit Mommy’s turn: [Long time no see! How’s everyone doing? I’m Rabbit Mommy.]

At the bottom of the livestream, there were already a lot of comments in the discussion area. They were all greeting Rabbit Mommy, and some were also asking where Orange had gone.

The livestream had officially started. Cherry Baby’s face was full of excitement as she smiled happily, showing a row of white teeth. She said: [Today, Baby is in a very good mood! Baby won’t be selling any succies today, but Baby is auctioning an offline meetup and a kiss from Baby!]

The discussion area immediately exploded with more comments. Everyone wanted an offline meeting with Cherry Baby. Who wouldn’t want to meet and kiss the adorable little girl?

As usual, at the president’s office at Yunhai Entertainment, Huo Yunshen put his work aside when it was time for Cherry Baby’s livestream and picked up his mobile phone to watch it.

Tang Yichen, who was sitting on the sofa, had also logged in to view the livestream and was leaving comments and donating money to the little livestreamer.

He had heard that the little girl was not going to sell succulent plants today, and that she was going to sell an offline meetup and a kiss instead. Tang Yichen was excited, and said to Huo Yunshen, “Hey, look at this! Cherry Baby is auctioning an offline meetup and a kiss. Hahaha! Isn’t this a great opportunity!”


“If I manage to grab this opportunity today, I’ll let you tag along with me to see this super cute baby.”

Tang Yichen had always felt that it was a pity that he had missed the chance to meet the little internet celebrity back at the amusement park that day. A good opportunity had shown itself today, and he thought that he must do whatever it took to win the auction.

“You might not get it. The kiss is mine.” Huo Yunshen said coolly. His deep eyes were filled with determination.

A meetup and a kiss. He must have both.

“Hey, don’t be unreasonable! I’m the one who introduced Cherry Baby to you in the first place! It is only right for me to have this opportunity first,” said Tang Yichen, feeling somewhat displeased.

“Well, that depends on your capability.”

Huo Yunshen couldn’t explain why he was unwilling to let someone else take the opportunity to meet up with little Cherry.

“Hmph! What a merciless fellow! Just wait and see!” Tang Yichen cursed at him, then continued to stick his eyes to the screen.

In the livestream, Rabbit Mommy and Cherry Baby were having a chat on the bed. The little girl was under a blanket but her little feet were exposed. She said excitedly: [Mummy, look! Baby’s feet are peeking out! Do you think Baby is growing taller?]

Rabbit Mommy tilted her head at Cherry Baby: [You’re not growing taller, Baby. Your blanket was turned the other way round.]

Cherry Baby: […]

I’m so mad!

Cherry Baby pouted her cute little mouth and puffed out her cheeks after

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