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She had already forgotten that she’d said she sprained her back and twisted her ankle. She struggled out of Huo Yunshen’s arms and went over to her bag to get her phone.

She took out her phone and saw the caller ID, and was surprised to see that it was Ye Xun calling.

Why is he calling me now? If it’s about Ying Bao, I can’t say much in front of Huo Yunshen.

Ye Xun was unusually stubborn, and the ringing continued so that Xu Xiyan had to pick up the call unwillingly. On the other side, a cheeky voice said, “Xixi, guess who I am?”

“Childish.” Xu Xiyan wrinkled her nose and said.

“Hey, you’re so ungrateful! You forgot about me the moment you went back to the country. How can you be so heartless! Don’t forget, I play a part with regards to Ying Bao.”

Ye Xun sounded nonchalant as usual.

Xu Xiyan got nervous hearing him mention Ying Bao. She took a glance at Huo Yunshen, hoping that he hadn’t heard anything.

“Stop spouting nonsense. If there’s nothing else, I’m going to hang up.”

Just as Xu Xiyan was about to hang up, the voice on the other end got nervous, “Hey! Don’t hang up so quickly! I’ve not finished my words. Are you seeing some other guys, that’s why you’re in a hurry to hang up my call?”

“That’s right! What are you going to do about that?”

Xu Xiyan got cocky while Ye Xun got worked up. “Xixi! You’re misbehaving again. You think that no one’s around to keep an eye on you, and you can do whatever you want?”

Xu Xiyan did not want to waste any more time talking to Ye Xun with Huo Yunshen around, thus pressing him. “All right, cut… to the chase.”

She made up her mind to be more demure and ladylike in front of Huo Yunshen. Therefore, she swallowed her words and changed “cut your crap” to “cut to the chase.”

Seriously! It’s such a chore asking a tough girl like me to be more ladylike. Can’t help it though, since I’m the one who wants to act demure in front of someone I like.

“I’m currently in Xstan, there’s lots of specialty foods here. I just wanted to ask what my daughter wants to eat. I’ll send it over to her.”

Xu Xiyan always had a place in Ye Xun’s heart, but he only dared to use Ying Bao as the cover-up. He refused to admit that he was concerned about her in his heart.

“There’s nothing that she wants to eat. We have everything here. Don’t waste your money on postage fees.”

Knowing that he was on a mission in Country X, Xu Xiyan hoped that he would place the mission as his priority and not be distracted, thus rejecting him straight.

Ye Xun was pissed. “Xixi! You’re such a scrooge! Am I spending your money on postage?”

Xu Xiyan had no rebuttals. “All right, just send whatever you want. I won’t stop you.”

After the call ended, Xu Xiyan saw that Huo Yunshen was looking at her. She explained with some guilt, “That was my senior, Ye Xun.”

“It sounds like you two are really close?”

Huo Yunshen’s intention was not to invade her privacy. He just could not let

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