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Huo Yunshen gazed at her affectionately and thought, You must be an angel from heaven, sent by God to rescue me.

Xu Xiyan had never thought of venturing into the music industry; they already had Huo Yunshen. Her goals and aspirations were not about singing.

As they ended the recording, they left the recording room and went back to the ground floor.

It was almost dusk and the sunset dyed the lake red, making the scenery of Yao Lake exceptionally picturesque.

Before they left the Qingyun Residence, Xu Xiyan helped Huo Yunshen to move all the little plants back indoors.

When they were almost done, and left with only 2 pots, Xu Xiyan hurried her pace to complete the task.

There was some algae on the path of pebbles, and Xu Xiyan accidentally slipped on it. She could not stand still and fell on her back, yelling out with shock.

If she hadn’t been holding the two potted plants in her hands, she could have saved herself. But now, she would rather take the fall than break Huo Yunshen’s plants.

As her body fell, she did not experience the pain of falling onto the pebbles as she had expected.

Xu Xiyan felt her body being held by a strong arm, stopped in mid-air, lying on her back.

When she opened her eyes and made eye contact with a pair of enchanting eyes, her heart skipped a beat.

Especially when she felt Huo Yunshen’s warm palms under her arms and holding her sides, his slender fingers touching the edges of her soft spot.

She could feel his body temperature through the thin fabric and it was scorching hot.

“Are you all right, Jing Xi?”

Huo Yunshen was anxious and his voice was filled with worry. In order to help her up, he even took over the potted plants and threw them aside.

How could there be anything wrong? She was just startled, there was no physical injury.

However, seeing her prince charming being nervous about her, Xu Xiyan felt that it was the perfect opportunity.

She fell into his arms, held onto her back and cried out in pain. “Ouch! My back! I think I might have strained it.”

Huo Yunshen: “…”

Hearing that she strained her back, he carefully held her up and said, “Be careful! I’ll help you up.”

“Mr. Huo, I can’t stand. My ankle hurts too. I might have twisted it as well. What should I do?”

Xu Xiyan’s face was sulking, she displayed her acting talent to the fullest. In order to match the situation, she even turned her eyes teary.

Xu Xiyan looked like an injured little rabbit with those watery eyes. So pitiable that Huo Yunshen felt his heart melt.

He got even more nervous and could not be bothered with propriety, “Don’t move! Let me carry you up!”

Yes! My prince charming finally gets it!

Xu Xiyan kept her independent side in check and obediently let Huo Yunshen carry her into his arms.

As Xu Xiyan got her wish granted, she was cheering and celebrating inside her mind.

Xu Xiyan cuddled herself into Huo Yunshen’s arms and naturally held

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