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Huang Yanran went straight to Peng Sicheng’s studio with her assistant.

Peng Sicheng was discussing a few shots with his editor when Huang Yanran walked in. He was too immersed in the discussion to notice Huang Yanran standing behind him.

“Director,” Huang Yanran called out.

“Oh, Yanran?” Peng Sicheng said, turning to look at her. “You’re out form the hospital?”

“Yeah, I think that I should get back to my job as soon as possible,” Huang Yanran replied.

“I see, here, have a seat,” Peng Sicheng said, pointing to a chair.

Huang Yanran looked at the dirty plastic chair and frowned. Her assistant quickly took out a piece of cloth and a bottle of sterilizer. After a few wipes on the chair, she signaled Huang Yanran that it was clean.

Peng Sicheng saw everything and rolled his eyes.

He’d only learned that Huang Yanran had mysophobia after she’d joined the set. She would always have everything sterilized before she used it: doors, chairs, cups, anything that she came across.

She would always ask for doubles when the scene might dirty her or when it required hard labor.

To call her mysophobic was just a much more subtle way to define her; to put it simply, she was an unreasonable person.

Peng Sicheng would rather choose people like Jing Xi to be his lead actress if he had the choice. He would never submit to using people like Huang Yanran.

Yet in reality, he did not have the power to decide who would be playing the main actress. The decision was made by their investors, and they had chosen Huang Yanran to play the role.

“How is your wrist?” Peng Sicheng asked once Huang Yanran had sat down.

“Thank you for your concerns,” Huang Yanran said, raising her left hand. “It’s almost healed.”

“That means it’s still not fully healed yet.” Peng Sicheng rubbed his chin. “This type of injury should take around 100 days to heal, and it has just been a few days since you suffered this injury, hasn’t it? Didn’t I tell you to take it slow and come back after you’re fully healed?”

“I’m fine, director. Really,” Huang Yanran quickly explained. “I’m ready to get back to my work.”

The truth was that Huang Yanran had intentionally twisted her wrist when she was coming down from the wire work. She was trying to coerce the crew into raising her pay.

She had guessed that Peng Sicheng wouldn’t be able to find another actress to replace her, which made her believe she could ask for a higher price.

Peng Sicheng had seen many celebrities that were the same as Huang Yanran. He did not comply to her demands and told her that he’d wait for her to heal.

All of this led to Peng Sicheng asking Xu Xiyan to play the stunt double part first.

Yet he’d never thought that the media would misunderstand, thinking that Peng Sicheng had replaced Huang Yanran, giving her role to the newcomer, Jing Xi.

It was normal for Huang Yanran to believe the scandals she saw on the news at home.

She quickly rushed back t

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