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Huang Yanran could only sit at the side and stare at the director and editor who were going over the edits. She was overwhelmed by a feeling of uneasiness.

She had to admit that Xu Xiyan was performing better than she had. She could do stunts that Huang Yanran could never do. And even with things that Huang Yanran excelled at, Xu Xiyan could do them better.

Being an actor was something that required both hard work and talent.

Huang Yanran did not have any acting talents. Her degree from Peijing Film Institution had been bought with money, and she’d gotten into the entertainment business by using her connections. She became famous because she had behind-the-back deals with a few rich men.

Without all those resources, Huang Yanran would never beat Xu Xiyan with her acting prowess.

What was more was that Xu Xiyan was better at both action scenes and dramatic scenes, and was even prettier than Huang Yanran. With the hype that Xu Xiyan was having at that moment, Huang Yanran was really worried that Xu Xiyan would take over her role.

What to do? What should I do?

If the director really cuts me off, how am I supposed to live in the entertainment business?

Huang Yanran’s worries were legit; it was normal to replace actors or actresses if the original sustained injuries.

Huang Yanran realized that she could not lose her spot as the lead actress and would definitely give the spot away to Xu Xiyan.

Huang Yanran took her assistant, He Liang, with her and left the director’s workshop. Deep down her heart was infinite anger, and she had no place to let it out. She could only blame it all on the stunt double.

That damn Jing Xi! What a cunning girl! I must punish her for what she did!

“Hey,” He Liang said, noticing someone walking towards them. “Yanran, isn’t that Jing Xi?”

Huang Yanran raised her head, and there she was, walking towards them.

Speak of the devil! Huang Yanran scolded in her head. She walked up to Xu Xiyan and slapped her in her face.

Xu Xiyan had been walking with her head down and didn’t notice someone was approaching her. The next thing she knew, her cheek was stinging a blow to the face. She raised her head and saw that it was Huang Yanran who’d slapped her.

The staff members all stopped what they were doing and looked at them. All of them agreed that Xu Xiyan definitely deserved it, as they believed she was trying to snatch the leading role from Huang Yanran’s hands.

“What was that for?” Xu Xiyan shouted.

“Do I need any reason to slap you?” Huang Yanran replied with a cold face.

Xu Xiyan was angered by Huang Yanran’s ridiculous reasoning and returned a few slaps to her face.

The slaps were fast and accurate.

Huang Yanran’s beautiful face was red from the slaps as blood dripped from her mouth.

“What are you…How dare you hit me!?” Huang Yanran screamed, her hands covering her face.

“Aren’t you the one who said we don’t need any reasons to hit people?

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