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As the two of them were eating happily, five scary-looking dudes came into the tent.

One of the men, who looked like their leader, wore only a sleeveless shirt on top. His arms were tattooed with a dragon and a phoenix, and he looked like a man who worked on the darker side of society.

They saw that all of the seats were fully occupied and chased away a table of customers.

The man with tattoos sat down first and had his eyes set on Xu Xiyan. He’d already taken notice of her as soon as he came in and was thinking of ways to ask Xu Xiyan to join him.

The man was the head of the local ruffians and had done many things in his past. One glanced from him, and all the other guys went over to Xu Xiyan’s table.

“Hey, beautiful, why don’t you join our boss for a cup or two?” one of the ruffians asked.

Huo Yunshen raised his head instantly as soon as he heard the man speaking and frowned as he noticed that they were the local ruffians.

Trying to flirt with my woman? Are they so eager to meet their maker?

Xu Xiyan noticed that she was surrounded but ignored them and continued to eat her hot pot.

“Hey! Boss Qiang is inviting you over! Don’t you dare refuse!” the ruffian said, trying to grab her.

Just before he could touch her, a pair of chopsticks impaled his hand.

“What the!” the ruffian held his hand in pain and screamed. “It hurts! Help!”

The other ruffian saw that the man in the wheelchair had pierced his friend’s hand and cursed, trying to punch Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen didn’t even try to dodge and caught the punch mid-air. He twisted the ruffian’s arm, and it broke with a cracking sound.

With another twist, the ruffian was sent flying clockwise. He fell on the ground and rolled in pain.

The tattooed man was angered that his plan and his men were all stopped by a man in a wheelchair.

“How dare you hurt my men!” he shouted, standing up and flexing his muscles.

“Beat him to death!” the tattooed man shouted. “And get me that girl!”

The other two ruffians charged towards Huo Yunshen. Xu Xiyan didn’t even flinch, as she extended her leg to trip one of the ruffians.

The ruffian lost his balance and plunged straight under the table. Xu Xiyan raised her leg and stepped on his head, immobilizing him.

The other man continued to charge Huo Yunshen. Huo Yunshen picked up a beer and swung it down on the ruffian’s head. Blood dripped down from his head as he fell to the ground.

The tattooed man cursed and picked up a wooden stool. He walked towards Huo Yunshen, raising the stool in the air.

Huo Yunshen had no weapon in his hands anymore. He could only use chopsticks as a makeshift sword.

Just as the chopstick was about to hit the tattooed man, he stopped moving as if he’d been stunned by something.

What? The chopstick didn’t even touch him yet… Huo Yunshen frowned.

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