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“I heard everything,” Xu Xiyan continued. “If you don’t do what Huo Jingtang asked you to do, your family will be in danger. If you follow his instructions, he’ll definitely give you a hefty reward, but if you don’t, then he might kill your family.”

“…” Qin Kun didn’t expect Xu Xiyan to have heard the whole conversation. He’d had no idea how to face her, or face Huo Yunshen who’d believed in him for years.

“Yet, in spite of the situation, you still chose to do the right thing. And for that, you’ve earned my respect,” Xu Xiyan said. “If you believe me, I have a way to save your family and not do Huo Jingtang’s evil deed, how about it?”

“You have a way?” Qin Kun raised his head and stared at Xu Xiyan in awe. He was desperate to know how Xu Xiyan could help take care of his troubles.

Xu Xiyan replied only with a cunning smile.

After Xu Xiyan left the rehab center, she went straight to find her grandfather, Jing Huaduo.

“What’s wrong?” Jing Huaduo asked when he saw his granddaughter rushing in.

“Grandpa, can you help me appraise the contents of this medicine?” Xu Xiyan asked while gasping for air. Her head was covered with sweat as she handed the bottle of medicine to Jing Huaduo.

Jing Huaduo inspected the bottle and noticed that it was medicine to prevent muscular atrophy and instantly knew who the intended recipient was.

The old man was still reluctant to have his own granddaughter helping someone from the Huo family.

“Yanyan, you should live your own life and stop mingling in other people’s lives,” Jing Huatuo said. “Don’t be like your mother and give everything for one man. You should be careful with who you choose to be with.”

It was as Jing Huaduo had said. Jing Ruyue gave her everything for a man and lost everything because of it.

She’d been tricked by Xu Jinshan and in the end, paid for it with her life.

Jing Huaduo understood both his daughter and granddaughter too well. Xu Xiyan was the same as her mother, straightforward and willing to do anything for the person she fell for.

“I get it, grandpa.” Xu Xiyan smiled, as she knew that Jing Huaduo was worried about her. “I’ll open my eyes before I decide to do anything rash.”

“We should just call off the bet that we’ve made.” Jing Huaduo said. “You better stop helping the kid from the Huo family. If anything happens, they will definitely blame it on you.”

“Come on, grandpa, a deal is a deal.” Xu Xiyan rested her head on Jing Huaduo’s shoulder. “Plus, if not for Huo Yunshen, I would’ve been the one in the accident. I’m just trying to repay the debt here.”

Xu Xiyan made up a story that Huo Yunshen became crippled because he was trying to save her, which she used to trick her grandfather.

“Fine, just be careful.” Jing Huaduo shook his head, agreeing to assist Xu Xiyan in helping Huo Yunshen.

Jing Huaduo opened the bottle and took a sniff which made him frown immediately.

“Give me a few minutes,” Jing Huaduo said

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