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Could it be because of Xu Xiyan? That’s impossible, right?

Chu Yuhe went to Yunhai Entertainment again to look for Huo Yunshen, but Huo Yunshen refused to see him.

Without the alliance, the CEO of Yunhai Entertainment wasn’t someone that Chu Yuhe could meet without an appointment.

Chu Yuhe had no choice but to look for Huo Jingtang, but he gave him the same treatment.

Without the help from Yunhai Entertainment, Juxing’s stock plummeted.

Chu Yuhe was desperate. He was being cornered by reporters outside of his company and by the stockholders inside his company.

All he had left was to ask Xu Xinrou for help.

He went back to his apartment and tried to hug Xu Xinrou.

But what he got was a slap from her.

“My love… what was that for?”

“Don’t you dare call me that!” Xu Xinrou scolded. “I’m just a woman who’s unreasonable, always acted high and mighty, and materialistic to you, aren’t I?”

Chu Yuhe quickly thought of Xu Xiyan. It must be Xu Xiyan who told her this.

“That’s all a lie!” Chu Yuhe cried. “You’re the best in the world, believe me! You’re the one I love the most!”

“Do you think I will still believe you?” Xu Xinrou scolded. She blamed herself for being naïve, for believing that everything Xu Xiyan had was better than what she had. That was the reason she wanted to take everything from Xu Xiyan, but she would’ve never guessed that all she would get was just trash.

“Please, I know I’m wrong,” Chu Yuhe kneeled in front of Xu Xinrou and begged. “Please give me another chance. I promise you I’ll only love you, I’ll never look at other girls again! I’ll listen to everything you say!”

“Please don’t leave me!” Chu Yuhe continued to cry as he hugged Xu Xinrou’s legs. “I’m dead if you don’t help me!”

“You only think of me when you’re in trouble! Who do you think I am, your nanny?” Xu Xinrou scolded. “Take care of your own troubles! I’m leaving you, with the 10% of Juxing that I own!”

Chu Yuhe couldn’t believe that Xu Xinrou would leave him when he needed her the most. What was more, she even intend to take her money.

Chu Yuhe would never let her do that.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Chu Yuhe stood up and grabbed Xu Xinrou’s shoulders. “And you want to take 10%? Xu Xinrou! Are you trying to stab me in the back when I need you the most? How can you be so cruel?”

Xu Xinrou freed herself from Chu Yuhe’s grip and looked at him as if she was insulting his pride.

“I’m just taking what belongs to me, is that wrong? If it wasn’t for me, you would’ve never been able to achieve what you have today!”

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