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“No, I haven’t,” Huo Yunshen replied, as he hasn’t had the time to have his dinner.

After he’d gotten the call from Huo Sanyan, he quickly rushed to the restaurant, worried about Xu Xiyan. He waited outside the restaurant for the whole night without having any dinner.

“I’ll make something for you,” Xu Xiyan said and stood up. It was actually an excuse to get away from Huo Sanyan.

“You know how to cook?” Huo Sanyan gasped as she looked at Xu Xiyan with her eyes wide. “I really like men who know how to cook!”

“…” Huo Yunshen was literally speechless at his sister.

What the hell? She always said that she won’t get married, and now she’s like a total idiot in front of another guy!

Xu Xiyan suddenly remembered that Huo Sanyan had eaten her food on various occasions, so she’d definitely smell something if Xu Xiyan were to cook for her too.

Xu Xiyan had to think of a way to avoid exposing herself.

“I also really like a woman who can cook too,” Xu Xiyan smiled as she suddenly thought of an idea.

“Me! I can cook!” Huo Sanyan said while raising her hand like a kid.

“Wait, you know how to cook?” Huo Yunshen questioned. His eyes seemed to challenge Huo Sanyan, as if to say that if she could somehow cook, he’d run outside naked.

“Of course I can!” Huo Sanyan signaled Huo Yunshen to tell him to shut up.

“Really? You really can cook?” Xu Xiyan said intentionally. “Why don’t you make something for us? I’m still hungry, too.”

“Sure thing, I’ll make something right away,” Huo Sanyan replied as if she’d received an order from the king. She ran into the kitchen and rolled up her sleeves, ready to make a meal for the man she adored.

Even if I can’t cook, there’s still the internet! Huo Sanyan thought.

The sound of pots moving around could be heard in the kitchen. Xu Xiyan took a peek into the kitchen to make sure the coast was clear. She quickly pushed Huo Yunshen out of his house and into the luxurious van.

Both of them looked at each other in the van and laughed loudly.

“If my sister notices that we’re both gone, she’ll definitely get frustrated,” Huo Yunshen laughed, slapping the wheelchair’s handle.

“I don’t care!” Xu Xiyan also laughed. “Your sister is too much for me to handle!”

“That’s how I feel every time I see her!” Huo Yunshen said, as he had been around Huo Sanyan forever. That unreliable sister of his had always given him a hard time.

“I’ll express my condolences for all the people,” Xu Xiyan said. “Oh, I think you should shut your phone off, or else your sister will definitely call you until you answer it.”

“Good idea,” Huo Yunshen said and took out his phone.

Now that they’d escaped Huo Sanyan, Huo Yunshen had no idea where to go next.

“Jing Xi, where are we going?” he asked.

“Don’t worry, I won’t try and sell your liver, just follow my lead,” Xu Xiyan replied. She wanted to bring him to a place, a place that he most definitely hadn’t been to before.


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