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“Take more credit for it,” Huo Yunshen said, looking at the lyrics. “A good lyric really depends on the inspiration. No one can think of a good lyric without inspiration, no matter how hard they try.”

Huo Yunshen hummed along, thinking about the lyrics. He could even feel how the song would present itself in the series. It would definitely deliver an astounding impact on the viewers.

Xu Xiyan was feeling a sweetness swelling deep down in her heart. The best compliments to her were those from Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen finished humming the whole song and was lost in it.

“Jing Xi, I have a daring proposal,” Huo Yunshen said.

“What is it?”

“I want you to sing the female part of this song!”

“Me? No way! I’ve only sung in karaoke. I don’t have the experience for that!” Xu Xiyan waved her hands and declined. She would’ve gone with it if Huo Yunshen had asked her to play a few instruments. She was scared that if she was the one who held the mic, she might ruin the whole song, and it was the theme song for “Red Sleeved Beauty.”

“Come on, there’s nothing to be afraid of. I believe in you,” Huo Yunshen replied. He’d heard her singing more than once and knew that she has a great voice. “I’ll bring you to the studio when you’re free.”

Huo Yunshen was always good at deciding who was talented and who wasn’t. He did not give Xu Xiyan any chance to decline further.

Huo Yunshen tried to encourage her with a smile and by believing in her.

“All right, I’ll try,” Xu Xiyan gave in.

Well, I can always stop if I mess it up and hand it to another person.

After they had finished with the discussion, Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen to his bedroom for the therapy.

It had taken 10 days to complete the first session of the therapy. Xu Xiyan would head over to Huo Yunshen’s room every night to provide acupuncture and massage him.

Once the first session had ended, Huo Yunshen would rest for a few days before continuing with the next session. As usual, massage would be done every night for the second session, while Xu Xiyan would only do acupuncture every other night.

During this night’s massage, Xu Xiyan took the chance to ask Huo Yunshen why Yunhai Entertainment had withdrawn its holding from Juxing Entertainment.

“Juxing is covered in scandal, and their stock is declining rapidly,” Huo Yunshen replied, without telling her that it was to help her. “A company like this would cost us more than what it could bring us.”

See! I’m right! He’s the CEO of a huge company, there’s no way that he would withdraw from a company for me. It’s all based on the profit and loss.

Xu Xiyan woke up to knocking on her door the next morning.

She opened the door, with her hair still a mess, and to her surprise, it was Fang Xiaocheng and Ying Bao.

“Why are both of you here so early?” Xu Xiyan gasped.

“Xi Baby!” Ying Bao ran to Xu Xiyan’s leg and hugged it.

“The little girl missed you and Uncle Dimple so much

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