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“You still have to give me credit for all that hard work!” Xu Xinrou shouted. “Do you really think 10% Is enough?”

It was as if Chu Yuhe had been slapped in the face, and his face became colder.

“Rourou, are you really going to be so heartless? If not for Juxing or me, do you think you could’ve become the huge star you are today?” Chu Yuhe asked. “I’ve given you the best resources the company has to offer and even agreed to everything you wanted. Do you think you could find another man like me?”

“Don’t think too highly of yourself! Do you think that I’m unaware of the fact that you’ve gotten bored of me? Why don’t we just call it off? For both of our benefits.”

In truth, Xu Xinrou had wanted to dump Chu Yuhe even before the scandal happened. She could now use the chance to get what she wanted.

“It seems like I’ve underestimated what you could do!” Chu Yuhe said. “You’ve already thought of what to do once you’ve left me, haven’t you? Looks like you’ve found yourself another man and you want to dump the useless me now, am I right?”

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Xu Xinrou shouted, growing more agitated.

Chu Yuhe wasn’t completely wrong. With the position he was in, he could’ve gotten wind of anything that was happening in the entertainment business.

With Xu Xinrou’s reputation, she could’ve had the chance to get in touch with high-ranking officials or even nobles. It was true that a few men with money to spare wanted to get their hands on her, and she was already thinking about it.

“Then why are you leaving me? You can’t do that!” Chu Yuhe hugged Xu Xinrou.

“Stop clinging onto me, would you?” Xu Xinrou pushed him away, and he almost fell over from hitting a small table.

Chu Yuhe could feel that Xu Xinrou was determined to dump him, yet he didn’t want to lose just like that. He noticed a fruit knife on the table and picked it up.

“Chu Yuhe, what are you doing?” Xu Xinrou saw the knife and began to worry.

“Xinrou, please, don’t leave me” Chu Yuhe cried as he took a step towards Xu Xinrou. “I love you, I can’t stand losing you! Rourou… if you leave me, then I will…”

“Don’t… don’t do anything stupid!” Xu Xinrou said as she took a step back. “Yuhe, calm down!”

“What’s there to live for without you in my life?” Chu Yuhe rested the knife on his chest threateningly. “If you still want to leave me, I’ll tell the press all of your secrets and die in front of you!”

“…” Xu Xinrou was shocked by the fact that Chu Yuhe was trying to threaten her.

What a useless guy!

Every time anything big happens, he will always do the same thing. If not for me, he would’ve been dead.

If he really exposes all of my secrets, then my future is over.

I should stall him first and dump him when I have the chance.

“Put the knife down,” Xu Xinrou said after she’d decided the action she would take. “I’ll forgive you. I’m just angry at Yunhai for abandoning us.”

As soon as Xu Xinrou finished her sentence,

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