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Just as the mother and daughter were compromising on visiting the next time, Huo Yunshen had settled everything. “Come on Cherry, uncle has settled everything. We can go in and see the tigers now.”

Xu Xiyan and Ying Bao turned around at the same time and saw that the security guards were opening the gates for them.

Yi Xiao drove a tour tram decorated with flowers and balloons out of the zoo and invited them on board.

Xu Xiyan then realized that Huo Yunshen had already prepared everything. Even the sign at the entrance might have been placed there under his orders.

This would stop other visitors from entering. In other words, he’d booked the entire place.

Ying Bao was originally very disappointed but was cheered up by the balloon and flower tram. “Wow! It’s awesome! We can go see the tiggers now!”

They boarded the tram and Yi Xiao took the driver seat. He turned around and saw the two adults and one child looking like a family of three.

Yi Xiao could not help but think that it would be great if their boss and Miss Jing Xi could get together and have a baby as cute as Cherry.

“We’ve reached the Peacock Forest.”

Yi Xiao drove the tram to the first stop, the Peacock Forest. At the back, two bodyguards set up the wheelchair and helped Huo Yunshen down from the tram.

When Ying Bao alighted with her mother, they saw beautiful peacocks walking around.

“The big birds are beautiful!” Ying Bao pointed excitedly at one of the peacocks that had its feathers opened.

“That’s a peacock, baby.” Xu Xiyan told her.

Peacocks are usually kept cage-free, and are not afraid of visitors at all. They walked around carefree, and some even took the initiative to go near them.

“Do you want a photo with the peacocks? Uncle can help the two of you take some.”

Huo Yunshen was now holding a DSLR in his hands, which seemed to have been specially prepared so that he could take photos for them.

“Okay! I want to take a photo with that peacock!”

Ying Bao ran to a white peacock, which did not have its feathers opened. However, it immediately opened its feathers upon seeing someone approach.

Ying Bao squatted next to the peacock and made a cute pose with her two little hands holding on to her chin. Huo Yunshen took a photo of the sweet moment.

After seeing the peacocks, they went on to see the deer.

There were many sika deer in the area, and there were a few fawns roaming cage-free outside. An especially bold breed, not only do they stay put upon seeing tourists, but they sniff and occasionally bite.

Ying Bao reached out to stroke the deer and it licked her little fingers. Another deer was nibbling on her little bag.

Ying Bao was chuckling happily. She found the deer so cute, even cuter than dogs.

Huo Yunshen was at the side quietly taking photos, recording every moment of the interaction between Ying Bao and the small animals.

Just as they were touring the monkeys’ area, Xu Xiyan’s phone

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