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“If Yunhai withdrew themselves, all we had to do is find a new investor!” Xu Xinrou said. “If we can find one, then Juxing could be saved.”

“That’s a good idea!” Chu Yuhe exclaimed. “But where can we find an investor with the puddle of shit we’re in?”

“I have someone in mind, Mr. Li from the Lianzhong Entertainment.” Xu Xinrou’s expression changed as she made the suggestion. “But his condition is a little…”

“What does he need? Just tell me!” Chu Yuhe said. He’d already guessed what Mr. Li wanted. That old man definitely wants Xu Xinrou to spend a few nights with him.

Xu Xinrou whispered something into Chu Yuhe’s ear, and Chu Yuhe remained silent. He’d been right; Mr. Li wanted Xu Xinrou to spend a week with him, and in turn, he would invest in Juxing Entertainment.

Chu Yuhe still remembered that Mr. Li had offered 50 million Yuan for a night with Xu Xiyan. They’d offended him because they could not hold up their end of the offer. He’d never thought that five years later, Mr. Li would have his eyes on Xu Xinrou.

This type of underground trading was normal in the entertainment business. Chu Yuhe even hooked up some of his female celebrities with rich men.

It wasn’t hard for Chu Yuhe to give Xu Xinrou to some other man, as their relationship had already diminished a long time ago.

If I could get Juxing back on track by using her, it’d definitely be worth it!

“All right, I’ll set it up,” Chu Yuhe gritted his teeth and said after a few moments of silence.

“Oh, one more thing.” Xu Xinrou noticed Chu Yuhe was leaving and stopped him. “All of this happened because of Xu Xiyan. We have to think of a way to take care of her.”

“You’re right. I’ll ask someone to take care of her!”

“No, we can’t do it ourselves, we’ll have to look for alternatives,” Xu Xinrou said. “I know! Why don’t you put out a scandal saying that Jing Xi is trying to steal Huang Yanran’s spot?”

“You’re really smart!” Chu Yuhe said as soon as he realized what Xu Xinrou was planning. “I’ll take care of it right away!”

Huo Yunshen accompanied Ying Bao around the zoo. They went to see the monkeys and elephants, then they visited the ostriches and giraffes.

They were standing under a huge sign with a map on it after they’d seen half of the zoo.

“Uncle Dimple, look,” Ying Bao pointed at a red arrow on the map and said. “We’re currently here.”

The map showed that they were already close to the lion and the tiger’s cages.

“The tiger’s house is near!” Huo Yunshen said.

“Yay!” Ying Bao cheered. “Do you think the thigors are up?”

“Of course they are!” Huo Yunshen replied. “The sun should be burning their butts by now.”

Ying Bao raised her head and looked at the dazzling sun. She couldn’t feel her butt burning up, but her face was already red hot from the sun.

She took a red cap from her bag and said, “Mummy said that we should always wear a cap under the sun or we’ll get sunburned.”

“Then I should wea

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