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Xu Xiyan walked softly to Huo Yunshen’s door and took a peek to see if he was awake. Opening the door slightly, Xu Xiyan realized that no one was inside.

Xu Xiyan pushed open the door and looked around. Huo Yunshen was not in the room.

Could he have woken up already?

She walked over to Huo Yunshen’s bed and helped tidy it up before leaving the room again.

When she walked past the indoor gym, she heard some noise. Xu Xiyan gently pushed the door open and saw Huo Yunshen.

He was wearing a black fitted vest and sports shorts, and was training so hard that his tanned body was covered in sweat.

Men looked especially attractive when exercising, she thought.

His figure was great, he kept fit despite being paralyzed for five years. It must’ve been due to the tough and consistent training he underwent every day.

“Xi Baby! Uncle Dimples is here!”

Ying Bao was elated to find Uncle Dimples.

Seeing Huo Yunshen working hard on his training, a tender smile appeared on her face.

Xu Xiyan did not disturb him and told her daughter, “Let’s not disturb him, all right? I’ll go prepare breakfast now. Stay here and be quiet, okay?”


After her mother left, Ying Bao gently pushed open the door and squeezed herself through, entering the gym.

After Huo Yunshen finished a set of high intensity exercise, he was tired and panting. As he sat up straight, a towel was brought to him.

He took the towel to wipe his sweat, but he felt something was wrong as he was wiping. He looked down and saw the little girl crouching over the table beside him, smiling at him.


Huo Yunshen was surprised, he never expected Cherry to be the one passing him the towel.

“Uncle Dimple.”

Ying Bao greeted him sweetly.

“Cherry, it’s really you! When did you get here?”

“I just came.” Ying Bao walked over and waved her hands. “Carry me, Uncle Dimple.”

Ying Bao had already gotten used to climbing up onto Huo Yunshen’s legs, or having him carry her whenever she saw him. However, Huo Yunshen was covered in sweat and stench, so he could not carry her.

“Is it all right if I carry you later, Cherry? Let uncle take a shower first, okay?”

“Okay.” Ying Bao agreed and happily went to push his wheelchair over.

Huo Yunshen was touched by little Cherry’s considerate actions. He sat in the wheelchair and controlled it with the controller as Ying Bao tried hard to push him out the door.

After showering and returning to the bedroom, Huo Yunshen saw that the bed was made. His clothes were neatly placed beside it, and were easily reachable for him to take and wear.

It must have been Xu Xiyan.

Huo Yunshen felt warm in his heart. He left the room after changing into the clean clothes. The little girl was squatting outside waiting for him, and immediately stood up and ran over.

“Come on! Let Uncle carry you!”

Huo Yunshen picked up Ying Bao and placed her on his lap. Ying Bao cuddled herself i

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