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Xu Xiyan and Wan Dou looked at each other, speechless.

Ma Haodong was wearing a dress and a wig, to the outside world he was a perfect “beauty.” And yet he was carrying a girl on his shoulder, something that a lady would definitely not do.

They left the restaurant and discussed how to get home. In the end, they decided that Wan Dou would drive Xiao Yuqian’s car back, and Xu Xiyan would drive Ma Haodong’s Ferrari. As for Ma Haodong, he would take a cab and send Xiao Yuqian back.

Xu Xiyan was the only one left after everyone had left. Just as she was about to go and get the Ferrari, her phone rang. Huo Yunshen was calling her.

Xu Xiyan felt a warmth in her heart as he picked up the call instantly.

“Hello? Mr. Huo? Where are you now?” Xu Xiyan asked with her sweet voice.

Maybe because her beautiful voice was a huge contrast from her male disguise, a couple that walked past Xu Xiyan looked at her with shock in their eyes.

Their faces were clearly filled with disgust.

Oh my god! What a sissy! He talks like a girl, it’s making my skin crawl!

Xu Xiyan ignored them as her heart was filled with thoughts of Huo Yunshen.

“Jing Xi, I’m near Memory, and I’m about to head home, where are you now?” Huo Yunshen asked with his attractive voice.

Huo Yunshen was there because he’d heard from Huo Sanyan that Xu Xiyan might’ve gotten into trouble with Xue Yating. He was there to help.

“Oh, what a coincidence!” Xu Xiyan smiled happily. “I’m outside Memory, and I’m about to head back too.”

“Are you driving?” Huo Yunshen asked. “How are you getting back?”

“No, I’m not driving,” Xu Xiyan took a peek at Ma Haodong’s blue Ferrari and quickly returned the keys into her handbag. “I’m still thinking about how to get back.”

She would do anything to get a ride with her prince charming.

“How about we go back together?” Huo Yunshen asked calmly as he tried to hide his excitement.

“Of course!’ Xu Xiyan accepted his offer as she left Ma Haodong’s car at the restaurant and went with her prince charming.

Xu Xiyan spotted Huo Yunshen’s van across the road and jogged towards it happily. She pulled open the door and walked on as if she owned it.

Xu Xiyan hadn’t even sat down before she greeted, “Mr…”

Yet she didn’t get to finish her sentence as she was met with Huo Yunshen’s serious face. Huo Yunshen signaled her to his side, and Xu Xiyan noticed that Huo Sanyan was also in the van.


“…Huo. Oh, Miss Huo is here too?” Xu Xiyan switched back to her man voice.

Xu Xiyan had no way to act as if she did not know who Huo Sanyan was and could only greet her.

I would’ve chosen the Ferarri if I’d known Huo Sanyan was here too. I just ran myself into trouble…My balls hurt… even when I don’t have any…

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Ye!” Huo Sanyan also greeted. She’d ditched her usual man-like tone and switched to a more lady-like one as soon as she finally got to meet the man she was waiting for.

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