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She smiled lightly at Huo Yunshen. “Mr. Huo, guess who I met this evening?”


“Your cousin, Huo Jingtang. I didn’t expect him to be dining at the restaurant.”

Xu Xiyan decided not to tell him about Huo Jingtang’s threats towards her in the men’s bathroom.

“Oh, he was there for a blind date,” Huo Yunshen remembered, so it was not surprising that Xu Xiyan had encountered Huo Jingtang at the restaurant.

Also, for that very reason, he had not entered the restaurant and chose to wait for her outside.

“With Xue Yating?” Xu Xiyan asked.

“Yeah.” Huo Yunshen could not tell her that the person who had been arranged to go for the blind date was originally him.

The two continued to chat leisurely and before they knew it, the luxurious van had arrived at a night market in Peijing.

People were crowding the alley and vendors on both sides of the road began to get busy. Many diners sat in front of the stalls and ate delicious street food.

Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen into the alley. Huo Yunshen was surprised to see the noisy night market. He had never been to this kind of market before.

Xu Xiyan guessed that a noble young master like him would hardly come to a place like this, let alone eat the street food here.

They attracted a lot of attention as they entered the alley together, probably because Huo Yunshen was in a wheelchair, but fortunately, the night was dark and no one recognized them.

Xu Xiyan pushed Huo Yunshen into a tent and found a place to sit down, then went outside to order some grilled food and other snacks like spicy skewers. She also ordered two bowls of beef vermicelli soup.

After the food was served on the table, Xu Xiyan handed Huo Yunshen a pair of disposable chopsticks. “Eat, Mr. Huo. Please, help yourself.”

Huo Yunshen took the chopsticks and split them into two from the middle, then tasted a slice of beef from the vermicelli soup. His eyes lit up. “Mmm, it tastes good.”

“Delicious, right? Me and Orange used to come here for food during our school days and we’ve tried all the food in this alley. Take the beef vermicelli soup for an example: I went abroad for five years and, after coming back, the stall was still here and the taste was just as good as before.” Xu Xiyan spoke cheerfully, her smile bright. She took in a big mouthful of beef vermicelli.

She was worried that Huo Yunshen was being polite at the table and picked food for him with her chopsticks as she ate. “Try this fish ball, it’s super delicious. I guarantee you will be addicted to it after one bite.”

“Okay, I will try it.”

Huo Yunshen tried a lot of food under her recommendations.

The food tasted quite good. It was different than eating in a restaurant or at home. It was cheap yet delicious.

While they were eating, Huo Yunshen occasionally stole glances at Xu Xiyan. The way she ate was amusing; she wasn’t prim or proper like a lady.

She gobbled up her food with no regard of her own i

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