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Xu Xiyan ran over to him, quickly took out a small bag from her bag and placed it in his hands. She said, “Mr. Huo, wait for my call this afternoon.”

She did not forget their arrangement to go to the Huo family mansion to examine Mr. Huo Xun.

Before he could nod his head, Xu Xiyan had run off and quickly disappeared around the corner.

Huo Yunshen gazed at her back till she disappeared, then looked down at the bag in his hands. He wondered what was in it.

He opened the bag and saw that it was a lunchbox. He opened it and saw that it was a freshly made breakfast.

She did not forget to make breakfast for me!

He’d been a little disheartened when he hadn’t seen Xu Xiyan that morning, and he did not have an appetite for breakfast and left home straight away.

But now that he saw the breakfast she specially made for him, his sorrow was all gone. He felt as warm as if he’d been sitting in the sun.

Huo Yunshen understood. It might have been inconvenient for her to come over with Ye Xun around. So she made breakfast for him and specially came back to pass it to him.

It must have been to avoid Ye Xun.

Upon the thought of Ye Xun, Huo Yunshen furrowed his brow. He had to come up with something. He could not let Ye Xun interfere with Xu Xiyan and him, affecting their interactions.

How should I distract Ye Xun?

On the way to work, Huo Yunshen joyfully enjoyed his breakfast in the RV. Whilst eating, an idea suddenly struck him. He thought of his silly sister.

If I’m not wrong, Huo Sanyan likes Ye Xun right?

Previously, Huo Yunshen felt that Huo Sanyan was out to destroy his happiness. But now, he felt that his happiness depended on her.

What would Huo Sanyan do if she knew Ye Xun moved to No. 104?

At the Jing family mansion, Xu Xiyan arrived along with Ye Xun, and they finally saw Ying Bao after greeting Jing Huaduo.

Ying Bao did not expect her mum to come, nor did she expect to see Uncle Tree-Leaf.

When she saw them, she yelled out in surprise, “Am I dreaming?”

“Haha…” Ye Xun opened his arms laughingly, “Come on, baby! Pinch my face and see if you’re dreaming.”

Ying Bao happily ran over and into his arms, pinching his cheeks with her little hands and asking, “Does it hurt?”

“Yes, it hurts!” Ye Xun nodded.

“That’s great! I’m not dreaming! Uncle Tree-leaf is really here!” The little girl jumped excitedly.

“Not Uncle Tree-Leaf, it’s Papa Tree-Leaf! Try again!”

Ye Xun had to correct Ying Bao every time, hoping she would call him Papa.

However, Ying Bao remembered her mum’s words to never call Ye Xun Papa. So, no matter how he tried, she would always call him “Uncle Tree-Leaf.”

“Not Uncle, Papa!”




Finally, Ye Xun gave up. “I think we should send Ying Bao to kindergarten.”

He felt that the reason that Ying Bao could not understand the simple phrase “Papa” was because she did not go to school.

Upon hearin

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